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  • False Alarm: Pokemon Smash are doing some kind of project concerning Oshawott and some people thought it would be similar to the project they had when Chimchar evolved. I was incredibly hyped up though nobody knows what the project is.
    When I was little me and 2 of my friends used to pretend we were characters from dragonball Z. Then we got bored of that and decided to be pokemon trainers. We each got to pick three to have. I had Espeon, Archanine & Nidoking. Three of my favourite and most commonly used pokemon
    haha it has always been my favorite too! I constantly used to imagine an anime version of myself with Espeon as my "Pikachu". Sad, but true. haha
    Espeon has always been one of my favourites ever since I got a huge shock playing pokemon silver and had my eevee evolve into one (i didnt know espeon existed until then lol).
    Yea I have been watching it since i was in the 3rd grade when it was first released. lolI realize a lot of people on these boards are really quick to assume a lot. lol
    Thank you ~^_^~ TBH, I just speak what I know from experience (I've watched the show since like 1st or 2nd grade).
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