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  • Hey there~
    I noticed your post in the shiny thread, and I've been desperately trying to find out whether people who have found shinies using the DexNav see the Pokemon as shinies in the over world or not. Can you confirm how it appeared, whether it appeared shiny when using the dex nav (i.e. the tail), or just in battle? ^^ Thx.
    It is possible for some in game pokemon to be shiny like the eevee you receive from bill in HGSS or the riolu egg from Riley in 4th gen but I'm pretty sure if it's a pokemon that has a set name/gender/nature like from in game trading then it can't be shiny.
    Hi JRMFTW, I added you some time ago. Will you add me back?
    I have a Flying safari with Spearow, Tranquill and Hawlucha.

    If you have full slots, I'll be happy to remove you, so please notify me if you don't want to add me.
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