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Welcome, traveler, to my humble abode!
My name is Jrzfine (That's pronounced Junior-Z-Fine, often shorteded to J-R-Z), and I am the resident Pokenerd on the block. I've been fascinated with Pokemon since before I could even read, and would often yell for my parents to translate as I played Pokemon Colosseum on the Gamecube. My first main-series game was Pokemon Ruby. Since then, I have had experience in playing at least one game from every generation, and currently own Red, Gold, Emerald, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, White, Black 2, X, & Y. I also have much experience in playing ROMhacks for the Pokemon games. I have little experience on the competitive battling scene due to my unwillingness to waste hours of my life eving and iving a Pokemon only to find out it doesn't work well with the rest of my team. And yet despite this, I am very knowledgeable about all of the Pokemon in general. Give me a silhouette and I can tell you the name. Give me a name and I'll give you an image, etc.
Oh, and I have TERRIBLE luck with shinies. I've only ever had 2 shinies I can remember; Shiny Gyrados (3 guesses as to where i got THAT one...) and a shiny Poocheyena, which I found on a ROMhack. (which means it's untradeable...) Yeah. My luck is...poor...to say the least.

Music (Instrumentals specifically), Call of Duty, Pokemon (Obviously...), Archery, Basketball.
Next door
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Junior in High School




Let's do this.