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  • I hope she gets the gym battle to show her strength. I'm not doubting she isn't strong, I just believe she could come off stronger, if she didn't use Attract in most of her battles, especially with her battles against Ash's Pokemon before he caught it.

    Hydro Pump doesn't always land a one hit knock out.
    True, but it has gotten stronger since battling that Deerling, Dwebble also had an advantage since it's partly a rock type and Rock Wrecker was strong and it tied with Vanillite, so it does have its off moments, but lately it's looking strong.
    Oshawott didn't need its Scalchop to win its battle against Palpitoad and Blitzle and like Tepig, I think it's getting good recently.
    I think we should discuss it here instead.


    roggenrola hasn't had a chance to show of it's power

    oshawott well most of the wins it has had happened because it lost the first time

    tepig only had two win i think

    Snivy is hands down ash strongest pokemon

    Palpitoad has had two DBT battle in which it won both

    Swadloon only had a gym battle

    tranquill only god battle was snivy

    scraggy is young but got power

    and I'm guessing thje reason you put roggenrolla at the top is because i left it out
    Roggenrola went great against Tepig, it's moves are strong and it didn't do to bad in the Audino episode.

    Oshawott still had some good wins and had developed into a stronger Pokemon.

    Tepig won against Pansear, Herdier and Scrafty and also helped Roggenrola to get captuted. And Tepig's moves are strong, especially when it used Tackle on Scrafty and Druddigon.

    Snivy would be strong if she relies on attract less and she only won two battles and she won one of them because of Attract.

    You obviously don't care how Palpitoad won. It won against Stoutland because Stoutland's moves against Palpitoad wouldn't have give it a win anyway. And Palpitoad, a stage 1 water Pokemon going against a basic stage fire Pokemon, along with Palpitoad using a strong water move, pretty much guaranteed a victory anyway. Plus, who's to say that was the start of the battle.

    Swadloon's gym battle still showed that it was strong and before Ash caught it, it did well against Pikachu before escaping.

    Tranquill did good against Snivy, a reasonably strong Pokemon(Not the strongest in my opinion).

    Scraggy has gotten stronger.

    No, I probably shouldn't have put Roggenrola on top, but it is strong and I think Tepig or Oshawott are strong, plus Oshawott has gotten like 4 victories.
    If you read my post it explained pretty much why she was 'lucky' stronger.

    Ash had a type disadvantage and she used her powerhouse that she had only just managed to get listen to her.
    Oh ok. Anyway just wondering can you turn off your DS when your pokemon goes to sleep? Coz I have not tried it yet
    Hiya, I just wanted to tell you that I like that Justin Bieber comment in your sig. However, I have to point out to you that 95% of kids aren't Justin Bieber fans. I know literally no one is a Justin Bieber fan, though that might have something to do with living in hillbilly hell.
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    Go to the top of the page. On the userbar thing, the first link is 'User CP'. Click it.
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