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May 8, 2014
Jan 9, 2013
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Froak you!!, from Lavander Town with White Hand!

Jskid44 was last seen:
May 8, 2014
    1. Eeveemaster
      Yeah I know but I don't really care for Mega anymore as its really blatantly going to give the popular Pokemon the Mega evolution.. Fire/Dragon Mega Charizard X is just alright..

      Have you see. Fennekin's final evo? Fletchling's second stage? Espurr (Meowstic pre evo) and Spritzee and Swirlix evolutions.. Not to mention Hawlucha might be really real!
    2. Shimmy
      Same here~ I'm simply a 13-year-old so my first generation was Hoenn, so of course I have nostalgia on my side and I can understand if your first generation was your favorite. But just ranting on how it's the only good region is just annoying and childish. I like Unova a lot too, it makes me sad to see 'genwunners' ranting about how bad it was. -Sigh-
    3. Shimmy
      Yes I know not everyone is a 'genwunner'. In all actuality your favorite gen could be Generation 1 and still not be as such. I just get irritated with the people who say Gen 1 is the best and every other generation sucks and e.t.c... But no, you didn't come on to me as rude whatsoever!
    4. Eeveemaster
      I wish he'd look more dragonish than a lizard one.

      Judging by he criteria of pokes to get Megafied I kind of think Farfetch'd, Masquerain and other unpopular pokes has a slim chance of getting one..

      So what do you think of Doublade?
    5. Eeveemaster
      I like Skrelp but if I ended up liking it and Froakie than I'm having them on my team.. I'm alright with Helioptile staying electric/normal.. It seems basic but its rather odd though..

      I don't really like Pyroar..

      Still waiting for more Megafied Pokemon though..
    6. Eeveemaster
      Yup I didn't really like Fennekin going from quadruped to bipedal. I could accept if Fennekin were like Riolu bipedal since the first stage.. That's why I didn't like Zoroark although I kind of liked Zorua. So much ookami potential wasted when Fennekin didn't ended up Ninetales-esque..

      I'm fine with Meowstic being one stage if it ends up that way.. I hope we get to see Skrelp's evolution and Helioptile..
    7. Eeveemaster
      Awe lucky! Most of the people I chat to here are getting both version!

      As for me I'm getting X as I like Xerneas moreso than Yveltal..

      We are on the same boat dude! I used to have a definite planned team but the. Their evolution happened and I'm rather quite disappointed with most of them.

      I was a huge fan of Fennekin but seeing its second stage taking the bipedal route I was hugely disappointed. I was hoping it takes the Ninetales way but instead the Zoroark-esque evolution happened.. meh..

      I used to like Fletchling and Pancham but both of their evos aren't to my liking..

      I'm kind of in the fence with Amaura.. I think its rock/ice typing and its ability is what attracting me to use it rather than its design.. I'm quite iffy on Aurorus.. It looks so dopey and catoonish.. Sure it looks quite majestic but at the same time goofy.. So I don't really now anymore..

      I have high hopes for Skrelp and Meowstic though.. Both are moody looking. Skrelp looks so pissed. While Meowstic is expressionless.. I love both of their designs so here is hoping their evolution lives up to their first stage design..
    8. Eeveemaster
      Well we're on the same boat! Most people I know that used to play Pokemon weren't players anymore..

      So which version are you getting? So you're set on Froakie? Any planned team?
    9. Eeveemaster
      Dude lets be friends! I need lots of friends to trade/battle with when the game comes! Friendly battles not competitively..
    10. Ditto24
      Sure, just highlight the whole of the link and then hit the center align button.
    11. Blackjack the Titan
      Blackjack the Titan
      I've gotten multiple VMs and PMs for posting deviants w/o giving credit to watch out for the mods and to give credit.
      Some messages were more violent than others, so just give credit lol
    12. Blackjack the Titan
      Blackjack the Titan
      Okay just making sure!
    13. Blackjack the Titan
      Blackjack the Titan
      Excuse me, but are those renders of Swirlix and Spritzee in your sig from deviantart?
    14. MidnightFennekin
      Nah it's just that Noivern's hand was at Pangoro's butt, it was someone elese who pointed it out but I could not unsee.

      That person was kinda sick minded, so you don't need to fix it.
    15. MidnightFennekin
      It looks like the Noivern in your sig is doing something... inappropriate to the Pangoro XD
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