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  • No, no it is not. XD I hope everything's going well, at least! And believe you me, I've been wanting to get Kephi and Virokoe back into LaON for forever. I'm just busy, too, heh.
    Yeah, I sort of had a similar feeling to your friend around last month LOL I was actually almost going to change up my entire team, too. Like it started working a lot better as Mawiles became more popular. Like I think it was also the time period for when I brought Jumpluff. Like the entire metagame after worlds was running bulkier Pokemon to tank hits and dish out more damage than rely on speed, and Jumpluff seems to completely counter this play style. You should totally try running it. So fun to use too LOL

    I don't know about how good I am tho xD Like it was all based off of using a Pokemon that no one really expected haha
    yea I was surprised to see it actually working too. And, I was on the same boat as you were on game 1. I actually thought I would lose cause of the Freeze and paralysis LOL
    Hey Justin! It's been awhile! BTW WHy haven't you been posting threads about recent Wifi tourney's? Also are you competing in the Eeeve Friendly? If so are you getting error messages every other search? While I still managed to get 13 battles in I still keep getting these error messages are you experiencing a similer issue?
    The few pokes that I have bred and ev'd I've been using. Currently training and breeding for doubles team. But haven't settled on any pokes yet besides volcarona. Any ideas?
    I did finally get a adament nature chicken with ok stats but bald wombat bred me a 4iv adament one so I'm gonna use him
    Yea I beat it yesterday. I'm working in getting dittos I have about 15 of them so far but alot neutral nature ones. I'm also sr'ing for a good nature and IV's on my fast chicken
    Ah crap, really? The requirement for the first XY tourney is to have been int eh last B/W2 one? Figures that's about the only one I missed completely D; I am sad now D:

    While I applaud their attempts at hack checking, RQ'ers are the bigger issue as far as I am aware :X
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