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  • No worries, I saw your post in the club and I already posted. n_n
    Here's hoping that comes through!
    Yo, it's been a while since I've talked to you LOL

    Anyway, I JUST found out that Ragnarok is planning to put up a VGCs sub forum if there is any support for it. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?597661-2013-Competitive-Forum-Suggestions-Thread-(New-Topic-VGC-Meta-Game-Support)

    And, since you are one of the few members on this site that is well known to follow the VGCs, I thought you can do your magic and spread this to everyone else.

    (Also, I've been a bit busy with stuff, and this may have already come to your attention)
    You know what I think would've been a decent Bianca episode?

    Bianca and Juniper are meeting up again, and this time, they're studying a bit on evolutionary stones. Juniper has a Shiny Stone that she plans on using on Bianca's Mincinno so that she can gather info on how the stones effect a Pokémon's evolution, but before the evolution can commence, the TRio sneaks off with the gem. Normally, this would be one of those "sell it to make money" plans, but I was thinking that they would take it to Dr. Zeger and examine the energy signature on the stones so that Team Rocket can find and sell evolutionary stones en masse (and maybe use some of them for their own troops' Pokémon). Our heroes manage to get the Shiny Stone back, but Team Rocket has gotten all the information they need and retreats. The episode would end with Mincinno evolving and maybe a battle between him and Scraggy with Cincinno barely winning.
    Hmm..... My wording should have been better. What I meant was that I can see Talonflame having a good Attack stat and Speed stat much like Swellow however like you said I hope its stats are better, competitively I hope its as good as Staraptor. I can picture Helioptile going to be a bipedal Pokémon, because Frilled lizards stand on its legs to run. Because of this I hope its pretty fast and I hope its a mixed attacker as well.
    I feel the same about helioptile. Electric/Normal seriously? Pancham is just awesome and I haven't liked a bird Pokémon since Swellow but Talonflame looks awesome. I think they will have similar stats, Talonflame and Swellow.
    Hey! What do you think about that new fire lion Pokémon? I'm sure it could give Luxray a run for its Pokédollars or in this case Pokéeuros lol.
    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I didn't see my name on the member list for club double trouble. Unless I was kicked out without knowing about it, I probably should be there. ^^
    Oh, and I'm in the master's age group.
    Hey Jstinftw. Yeah sorry my bad was being really lazy lol.
    I'll make sure I fill it in fully for the June International ;)
    not 100% up to date, but almost everyone that is active is on there. so it does not matter.
    i can update it a little on friday perhaps then you can copy that.
    also silvershark and philzone are going to be mods, and so am I.
    naw thank you :)
    anyway if you want to take position earlier or later than next saturday or sunday then just tell me.
    i would like to put you in charge of the club double trouble OP next weekend, because no one else has applied, and all of your threads look tidy and neat, which is really good on forum topics and clubs.
    if you dont want to anymore that is fine
    hope you do well as the OP "manager"!
    Right. Sometimes, I forget how hard it really is to do those podcast things. There's equipment set-up, connection establishment, EDITING, etc.
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