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May 17, 2020
May 17, 2010
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jsuch03 was last seen:
May 17, 2020
    1. Soulfly
      Thank you so much! :)
    2. Ct91
      i promised it to anther dude but it seems hes not responding if not then i'll trade it
    3. needaslowking
      ya ok that sounds good! when do you want to trade? and im not really to sure how to trade so can you help me out? lol
    4. mew master4-10-90
      mew master4-10-90
      hey what nature is the shiny zapdos and what other shinies do you have
    5. bobri28
      okay so thats a 9 hour time difference so it shouldn't be to hard to get a time. i'll send you a message when i have got the Jirachi
    6. bobri28
      okay koolies. also wat is your time zone?
    7. Getuige
      no, ehm I'm looking for hitmonlee, hitmonchan, hitmontop.
    8. Getuige
      Sorry, don't need starters anymore.
    9. Eev
      okay sounds swell
    10. flameswy
      im sorry, i already have a deal running for celebi now.
      maybe next time, hmm?
    11. Eev
      hey sounds good!
      my FC is 3223 8561 3253.
      when would you like to trade?
    12. bobri28
      ok. i have a jirachi at the moment i got from another serebi forums user but i think it is hacked. so we can trade using that or i think i am going to an event on sunday and getting a jirachi there if you want to wait till then if you don't want supposibly hacked jirachi on your game
    13. darkversion3.0
      well this is an event shiny raikou, not from the movie. im looking for event pkmn what u got?
    14. KanNKeller
      Hey man I already set up a trade with someone but I appreciate the help anyway. If you need an event activating poke I have Pikachu colored Pichu, MICHINA Arceus, and HG Kyogre and SS Groudon so i'll let you borrow one for your troubles because I don't want you to feel like you wasted your time lol so if you need to borrow one just let me know and be sure to give it back. If you don't need one than no worries and thanks anyway man (=
    15. thepomster
      Thanks for the offer but I have every legendary on my platinum save already
    16. thepomster
      thats alright, thanks to you too those tms will be very helpful
    17. thepomster
      absolutely mate, you want to trade now?
    18. fd203
      i only have hatched manaphy only sry.
    19. Ncis
      I think you have the wrong person. My last post was about a Flower Paradise Shaymin.
    20. Ncis
      What did you want for the Zapdos?
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