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Last Activity:
Dec 16, 2014
Feb 14, 2009
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Merced CA, USA

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Pokemon SwordMaster, from Merced CA, USA

JTrainer was last seen:
Dec 16, 2014
    1. dewey911p
      hiya :) u made an offer in my shop awhile ago (sorry, been busy) and i was interested in you UT flawless shiny Vullaby. would you like the DW Bulbasaur or the Charmander for it? and can you trade now?
    2. MaxTheAzn
      thanks dude and don't forget to pm me w/ the list
    3. JTrainer
      No problem. I still have the stuff I read off of various websites about how to do it.
    4. MaxTheAzn
      ok dude ;) and if you can teach me step my step how to rng that would be great to
    5. JTrainer
      Almost. Just got to add their Ivs and EVs.
    6. MaxTheAzn
      are you done the list?
    7. JTrainer
      Deal! I'll be in the wifi club.
    8. EmiiLava
      The ranger doexys does not know stealth rock. i'll be willing to trade it yes. deal?
    9. JTrainer
      Sure, I can trade you my Naive Landorus.
      Question: Does your Pokemon Ranger Jolly Deoxys know Stealth Rock?

      Even if it doesn't, would you be willing to trade it?
    10. EmiiLava
      Can I trade 4 this as well?:

      30/31/30/31/31/31 Lv70 Naive Landorus (252 Atk/ 6 SpAtk/ 252 Spe)
    11. JTrainer
      You're welcome.
    12. Alter ego
      Alter ego
      Thanks for the trade and I hope we trade again ~~~
    13. JTrainer
      Oh, what nature for the Dratini?
    14. JTrainer
      Sure, I can RNG an Extremespeed Dratini in a little bit.
    15. JTrainer
      Yeah, I can trade now.
    16. BugZ
      Hello my friend! I put those pokes that you gave me in my shop and gave credit to for them :P can you RNG me a DW Dratini flawless with ExtremeSpeed? If you don't have a DW Dratini to breed I can give you one, along with anything in my shop that you want
    17. Alter ego
      Alter ego
      Do you think you can trade now?
    18. JTrainer
      Sorry, there was connection problem.
    19. JTrainer
      No problem. I had the same problem with my old action replay after a friend of mine put it into my 3DS. I ended up having to buy a new one.
    20. Alter ego
      Alter ego
      I'll be in the room~
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  • About

    Merced CA, USA
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Recently got into trading over wifi (I'm taking a break right now though). Also writing a Zelda/Teen Titans fanfiction called Titan Legends in which I ship Link and Starfire (I'm the only one in the world who does). 3 volumes are complete and posted on Deviantart.com (username: LinkStar-Number1) and Fanfiction.net (username: Link the Teen Titan).

    playing video games, and drawing stuff from my fanfiction


    ""You know, you fight pretty well… for a thief." He told me while still trying to catch his breath.

    "Thanks. You're not so bad yourself." I responded. "Your hair's still silly-looking though."

    - Robin and Scarlette (my OC), Titan Legends Volume 5

    This is a line from volume 5 of my fanfiction on deviantart and fanfiction.net. It features my original character, Scarlette; a young demigoddess with the power to make almost any weapon.

    Pokemon Black FC: 1893-3683-3048

    3DS FC: 4682-8668-1957
    Pokemon X ING: Joey

    Visit my trade thread: