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Jan 29, 2015
Dec 13, 2010
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Ju-da-su was last seen:
Jan 29, 2015
    1. ChloboShoka
      That's okay. Congrats.
    2. ChloboShoka
      Hello! I can help you with your dex entries on XY. If you can help me with the legendary dex entries then that would be great.
    3. Andrew Shard
      Andrew Shard
      hello there. do you have any leftovers for trade? I see you have a lot of stuff...
    4. ★Shiny Sylveon★
      ★Shiny Sylveon★
      I think in my PM it wasn't right but hopefully this is:
      I was looking through the PokeBank Thread and saw your post, i saw that you have anticipation eevee in a dream ball. I wanted a female anticipation eevee in a dream ball.
      I do have unnerve meowth in a dream ball that i can breed.
      FC 3823-8574-4857 Lorraine
    5. FairyWitch
      hey ju thanks for offering to transfer but my friend in my guild he got a japanese ds and game so he got bank early so thank you so much for offering but he transferred all my mons i wanted ^_^ i see offer services only though if its very beneficial to you ^_^
    6. SmeargleRocks
      Hey Ju-Da-Su, I was wondering if you could help me with something, if I give you a breeding pair of prankster sableye could you hatch me a breeding pair of prankster sabeleye on your Japanese game with their ivs? You can keep the parents and a perfect iv timid Misdreavus with ominous wind, nasty plot, destiny bond and Spite English self bred, I can understand if you say no, I also have a few other things I can offer if you can help

      EDIT: I also have Mewtwonite X, Sun Stones and moon stones and every ev reducing berry
    7. Cyberstamina
      Hello, you've helped me before with a trade and I was just wondering if you have a tyrogue I may trade for.
    8. gamemaker
      Sent it again, hopefully this time it will go through.
    9. gamemaker
      Sorry to pester you like this, but have you received my message about the HA Tentacool?
      Did my message get to you?
      Hi I'm soo sorry if i am being an annoyance but i really want to transfer 1 pokemon from my Black2 to my y version and I'm desperate to find someone who can help me, I heard alot about you using your Transporter to help people so i was wondering if you can help me please?
    12. FairyWitch
      thanks alright yeah if bank gets to frustrating for me ill ask you thanks again and i understand completely how it can be asking for a service with that stuff cuaz i use to do services like that before and it was a pain but no worries i just mainly want a few things my 6 iv japanese ditto and my shiny ferrothorn :3 i have no clue what is taking so long for my region cuaz tbh I understand it takes some time to fix but i think a week already passed and still no coverage for my region...I just really hope its not till like February that would suck since my region waited two days longer from you guys then another month on top of it >.<
    13. FairyWitch
      Im just curious if the wait for the us release of bank gets to ridiculous to wait could do something for me could you transfer a few of my mons i want to 6th gen so i can have them...if not its perfectly fine i just wanted to ask XD I really like to see some of my old rngs in my game i need them for my team and i don't have access to bank yet i just wonder how long the wait will be for us XD you know me if you do ill find something nice to repay you since i rng i have alot of junk on 5th gen i can do for you to transfer as well as 6th gen i can whip something up as well which it is possible to clone now in 6th gen so i get clones of stuff too if you like to do that as well.
    14. giratina519
      Can you transfer some pokes from my black 2 to my y??? I need only a few done at the moment and can pay in shinies
    15. FairyWitch
      its fine and really? i never had that happen to me it never passed down the egg move >.> did serebii update that if it did cuaz i never knew that...

      edit: well serebii did update it >.> i swear that would of saved me loads of time breeding for a good iv male -___________- omg lol
    16. FairyWitch
      its fine also be careful though females can't pass down the toxic spikes so just want to let you know only males can but females can pass down balls...i thought you wanted male cauz of the toxic spikes XD sorry again on my end thanks though for the trade ;)

      edit: i guess we both goofed XD i forgot to tell you i wanted timid with a spread of timid it was my fault no worries ;) ill take a gamble and get a 6 iv female ralts in a premier ball since i rather have her in a premier ball do to shiny form black dress of mega gardevoir, black and white are a cute combination :p
    17. FairyWitch
      yeah its fine i keep hitting males though :/ ill try my best i have a female for myself and she 6 iv strangely enough :/ all the 5 iv females are - sp. attack >.< damn it well back to breeding more skrelps i guess :/ your breed is starting to be like my friend dew's he wanted a 5 iv modest shellos and it ended up being hell i breed like over 100 eggs and never hatched either gender the right iv spread for modest >.< do you care about the spread i think i may have a female that is at least a spread with sp. attack that has 5 iv but wrong placement for the the non 31 :/
    18. FairyWitch
      i have a male ju-da is that fine im on right now message please back...
    19. FairyWitch
      ahhh yeah i am on right now im still breeding though the skrelps i keep getting 5 ivs that are -sp. attack -__________- i wanted to ask you if you prefer a male or female but breeding all these skrelps and not getting the correct 5 iv for the spread of modest is driving me insane XD but i should get it soon...sorry again i just didn't know how to contact you either tbh with the shout out button was the only option i had :/ glad you can back onthe forums though XD I wanted to type so much in that little box that i couldn't lol so were both going nuts what to do...
    20. FairyWitch
      sorry for that i was trying to message you through the internet if you wanted a male or female so i know which one you wanted once i get it but i guess you thought i was done sorry for that i wasn't >.< once you get this message of course...
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    3DS FC: 0731-5807-5483

    Pokemon X (JP) OT: シオン
    Safari Type: Normal
    Pokemon: Kecleon, Dunsparce, Chansey

    Visit my XY trade shop!

    Male Timid Charmander (Blaze 31/31/31/28-29/x/31 with 4 egg moves) - Don't remember...around 600 eggs, I think...
    Male Timid Squirtle (Torrent 31/x/x/31/31/31/31 with Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere) - about 100 eggs
    Female Naive Bagon (Rock Head 31/x/31/x/31/31 with Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance and Dragon Rush) - less than 20 eggs
    Male Sassy Lileep (Suction Cup 31/0/31/30/31/9 with Stealth Rock and Mirror Coat) - 3 eggs