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  • I accidentally used the relocater on all my Japanese event Celebii, so I am willing to trade said Celebii to a pokemon white or black version in exchange for a Japanese event Celebii to my pokemon heart gold version. I will even give it pokeitis.
    for shiny flawless Impish Immunity Gligar (Male) i trade shiny ev training flalwess clone jolly garchomp.
    You have quite the collection of DW females. I don't have access to the Dream World so I'm looking to build my collection. I can do some IV breeding for you if you want, 2 or 3 perfect IVs. Let me know
    can you ev training your Jolly Landolus (Flawless) this training
    move 1: Earthquake
    move 2: Stone Edge
    move 3: Swords Dance
    move 4: U-turn
    nature: Jolly
    evs: 252 Atk / 6 Def / 252 Spe
    for this i trade shiny flalawless clone ev training terrakion.
    and again, another stuff that i have no idea what it means (escape sequence) lol
    it sucks but there are only a few users who trading dream world events and even so they maybe hacked/tampered by someone.. i think that i should stop collecting them via trade and just wait them to release in the their english version, then i'll be able to get them in myself and also to be sure that they are 100% legit :/
    he was a hacked from the begining or was legit but then someone used pokesav or something else to hack him? anyway, it seen like screen shot isn't enough to promise the evenet legitimacy :S
    I also have a Aipom Jolly IV: 31/31/31/19/31/29 with Fake Out, Hone Claws and Pursuit As well as a Mr. Mime Timid Max IV with Nasty Plot. I really need the bulbasaur
    Do you want a Entree Forest Arceus(Naughty Nature) or a Deino (Modest, with Dark Pulse) Arceus IV:18/4/23/27/21/23 Deino: Max IV
    I really need a DW (Modest or Timid) Bulbasaur cos no one else has it :( Please trade with me
    Can you give me the link to the place the person that traded you the Chimchar bought the TCG Set? I couldn't find one that ships worldwide. ._."
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