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  • No interest, I would guess? I'll try to get some others and I'll remake an offer when I'm ready. Any specifics you want I'll try to get, but just get back to me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks. :D
    I was wondering if you would like a shiny ralts that I have in Platinum for one of your Japanese dittos, I don't care which one. I really don't have anything else besides that to offer because I'm quite new to this. It would really help me though. Thanks!
    In response to the VM you sent me (not sure if me replying there works, so I put it here, too).

    I'll make sure to check if they're legit, but that's out of paranoia. I'm afraid I don't have any shiny legendaries, but the events are up for grab. I've got an extra Suicune and Raikou from the gamestop events. I also have the Shiny Pichus, but those aren't that desirable.

    The DW pokemon I want (don't have to give me all of them):
    Vulpix (*)
    Poliwhirl (*)
    Shroomish (*)
    Lapras (*)
    Dratini (*)

    The pokemon with the (*) are what I'm most interested in. Also, IVs may not be the best. I'm sorry. This was before I even heard of RNG abuse. Sorry. Just tell me what you will trade for it.
    -*Tropius 1 modest (31/31/31/31/30/30 HP ground) (solar power)
    -*Vulpix 1 timid (flawless) (hypnosis, energy ball)
    -*ponyta 1 jolly (flawless) (hypnosis)
    -*clamperl 1 timid (flawless)
    -*Kecleon 1 careful (flawless) (recover)
    -*Movie 13 raikou (31/30/30/31/31/31 HP ice)
    -*Gligar 1 jolly (flawless) (baton pass)
    -Arceus 80 adamant (31/31/31/17/31/31)
    -manaphy 1 timid (flawless)
    -Lotad 1 modest (flawless) (leech seed)
    -Pichu 1 timid (31/30/30/31/31/31 Hp ice) (encore)
    -Machop 1 adamant (flawless) bullet punch
    -Togepi 1 modest (flawless) (nasty plot)
    -*smoochum 1 timid (flawless) (fake out/ nasty plot)
    -meowth 1 jolly (flawless) (hypnosis)
    -bulbasaur 1 timid (flawless) (leaf storm)
    -Absol 1 adamant (flawless)
    -spheal 1 bold (flawless)
    -staryu 1 timid (flawless)
    -cresselia 50 modest (31/31/30/30/30/30 HP fighting)
    -venonat 1 modest (flawless) (baton pass) (agility)
    -Chinchou 1 calm (flawless)
    -Regice 1 calm (flawless)
    -nincada 1 jolly (flawless)
    -starly 1 adamant (flawless) (pursuit)
    -Ditto 34 timid (flawless)
    -*WIN2011 Entei 30 adamant (31/31/30/30/31/31 Hp grass)
    -Lugia 45 timid (flawless)
    -Giratina 1 timid (flawless)
    -Kabuto 1 adamant (flawless) (swift swim)
    -dratini 1 jolly (flawless) (extremespeed)
    -slowbro 1 bold (flawless)
    -wooper 1 impish (flawless) (water absorb) (recover)
    -snover 1 timid (flawless) (leech seed)
    -Oblivia Deoxys 50 adamant (flawless)
    -*Plusle 1 timid (31/30/30/31/31/31 HP ice) (wish)
    -*Doduo 1 jolly (flawless) (brave bird)
    -*Magikarp 1 adamant (flawless)
    -*pachirisu 1 Calm (flawless)
    -Mesprit 50 timid (flawless)
    -Larvitar 1 jolly (flawless) (dragon dance)
    -Mudkip 1 adamant (flawless) (yawn)
    -*Tauros 1 adamant (flawless)
    -*Slugma 1 relaxed (31/30/31/31/30/2 HP rock) (memento)
    -*krabby 1 adamant (flawless) (agility)
    only posting again because i couldn't fit my entire message, sorry


    Hello! I have a few pokemon with good natures, and flawless IVs. I was interested in your RNG'd snivy

    shiny Virizion 42 calm
    shiny Minccino 21 bashful
    (i need manlier shinies)
    shiny woobat 28 serious

    - egg move Zorua 1 naive 27/31/31/31/5/31 (extrasensory, sucker punch, counter, dark pulse

    - Egg move woobat 1 calm 30/1/31/31/31/31 (roost, stored power)

    And from gen 4 RNG, (all are shiny) * = i'm the RNGer

    -*Girafarig 1 timid (flawless) (wish/magic coat)(inner focus)
    -*dunsparce 1 adamant (flawless) (bite, ancientpower, headbutt, rock slide) (serene grace)
    -*Teddiursa 1 jolly (flawless)(quick feet)
    -*Gible 1 Jolly IVs 31/31/31/24/31/31 (outrage) (sand veil)
    -*Snubbull 1 adamant (flawless) (heal bell/ close combat/ present/ faint attack) (intimidate)
    -Cleffa 1 adamant (flawless) (wish)
    -Cleffa 1 calm (flawless)(seismic toss, encore, softboiled, wish)
    -*Igglybuff 1 calm (flawless) (wish)
    -magby 1 modest (flawless)
    -Duskull 1 impish (flawless) Grudge/ pain split
    -Mawile 1 adamant (flawless) NN Sara
    -Beldum 1 Adamant (flawless)
    -Heracross 1 adamant (pokerus) (flawless)
    -Chimchar 1 adamant (flawless) (thunderpunch/ blaze kick)
    -Riolu 1 adamant (flawless) (agility/ crunch)
    -snorunt 1 timid (flawless)
    -buneary 1 jolly (flawless) (encore) (cute charm)
    -cubone 1 adamant (flawless)(double edge) (rock head)
    -squirtle 1 adamant (flawless)
    -giratina 47 adamant (flawless) pokerus
    -Palkia 1 timid (flawless)
    -Scizor 1 adamant (flawless) bullet punch
    -Shaymin 30 timid (31/6/31/30/31/30) HP fire
    -Shaymin 30 timid (31/30/30/31/31/31) HP ice
    -dialga 1 modest (flawless)
    -Mewtwo 70 timid (flawless)
    -latias 40 timid (flawless)
    -kyogre 50 timid (flawless)
    -spiritomb 1 quiet (flawless) shadow sneak, pain split
    -barboach 1 adamant (flawless) (dragon dance)
    Hey sorry, I had to check its IVs. It is Adamant nature lvl 67, with max attack ivs and its lowest one is sp attack. I received it in a trade, so its name is in japanese, if that's cool with you.

    PM me if you want to set up a time to trade.
    Im somewhat dumb to all of this stuff, so I don't really know what is what xD.

    I have a shiny Joltik, which is the only Gen V shiny I have, I have all 3 of the recent events (shiny Raikou, Entei, and Suicune), as well as a Shiny Mew (which I think is legit, but I'm not entirely sure because I picked it up on the GTS.) Any of those of interest?

    Edit: I also have an event Jirachi but haven't ported that over from Diamond yet.
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