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  • Ah, good point. But still do send a snippet. x3 As well as the summary. They shouldn't have any problem with it, if it's only a page or two. Besides, you're emailing it privately - can't be counted as publishing. x3



    I haven't read that - but I certainly will give it a look now. x3 What sort of book is it?

    And have you read Lirael? *sits on*
    Sorry! Am two exams down out of the three I've mentioned - no excuse, I'm sorry- but hi!

    Ooh, copy and paste - my computer sometimes doesn't like attachments.

    And yes, you earned it. *noogies* xD You earned my respect as a fellow writer.*squishes* That counts for a lot. x3

    D: I haven't heard of any, but I will keep an ear/eye out. :3

    Exams! How have yours gone/going/your prepared for them? They are NEVER fun, no matter what anyone says. xD

    x3 It might take a while, but I will get it to you. And you'll hopefully like it. :3

    Woot! Which book was it? x3
    Ah, I don't think so. Just send it along to lotty7@btinternet.com x3 And I'm fine with any excerp you want to send me! I'll give you a nice review. x3

    NO it won't be. *noogies*

    And free agents would be amazing... And now I sound like I'm in the matrix. xD

    Ah, just a bunch of homework/exam revision. I have three exams after the new year. D: But I'll make it.

    x3 You'll seeee~
    Novel excerp? x3 I'd love to read it.

    And my email... Should be, but just to check - the lotty one, right?

    And it would be so worth buying. x3

    ...I think so, yeah. *looks it up* Ah, you have to find an agent first, and then I think they for all the searching. But the agent has to be legit, so it's best to look at the reader's digest, or something...

    *mutters* xD

    Stop dreading the end of the year! *shakes head* You're young, you're young. Lots of life to go yet. x3

    And I caught you at the tail end of christmas! :D

    Was buried under a lot of stuff. D: But that's gone/ignored for the most part now. x3

    Am making you a late christmas/new years present, by the way. x3
    :D To 'cookie' someone, the act of stuffing someone full of cookies. You can be 'cookied', wherein you were, sometime in the past, attacked with cookies, you can 'cookie' someone, and you can plan to cookie someone.

    So should be added to dictionary. :3 *shot*

    xD! I know, I know. Ah well. And Eco stuff... argh. I'm starting to agree with it more now, but when I was younger it irritated me, 'cause my form tutor kept on shoving it down our throats. D:

    YES IT IS. :D And I really, really can't wait to play it. xD

    :3 How arrrrrrre you?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance, by the way, incase I don't catch you. :x As it is, sorry for the delay in response! Was slightly waylaid. D:
    xD *hugs*

    Oh, I'd love it if you could pm it to me? *squishes* Thank you, hun - and I KNOW that you've grown. x3 Don't even need to see it, I can just feel it.

    *sends happy vibes*

    xD It'll be a long time before I would ever become famous, and by that time I expect to be have your novel as a hardback on my bedside. x3

    You don't have a lack of writing skills, trust me - and even if you did, they are easy to acquire and wouldn't get in the way. Writing requires raw talent and the persistance to see to it through - and don't you worry, you have the talent. x3 And god yes, you can! Send it to ten different publishing houses at least when you're done. It isn't just a one off thing, it can take up to forty rejections to get a story through. *hugs* Just keep at it, which I know you will. And with the amount of time and heart you're putting into this, I know you'll get there. x3
    xD! I'm older than you! By under a year, but still-


    I turned 17 October 30th! I'm a halloween baby, woot. x3 And don't say you're old. That makes me feel REALLY old-

    *shot again*

    83 I'll have to get you something. *cracks knuckles*

    x3 I'd love to read your serial - your novel is yours. *hugs* But I'm free to read it whenever. :x

    I have, actually, been exploring things other than pokemon! xD; 'Bout time, eh? I'll post up my competition entry for you. x3

    And I know that you'll get there. x3 It will be hard, granted, and there will be lots of rejection letters before you make it, but I'm absolutely certain you'll make. *cook-ies*

    Yes. I did just make up a new verb. *shot*

    D: They didn't have an online application. I was shattered.


    x3 Two words: ROCK BAND

    Woot! I'm glad - and I haven't read anything by you in a while. D: You'll have to link me at some point. x3 And two is always better than five- remember that, dear padawan.


    Oh, hun! Don't worry about that - you've still got decades to go. But it'd be great to get published! I'm routing for you, as ever. x3 And no, you don't suck. Trust me! Listen to the voices. x3 Just not the scary ones.

    *dodges brick*

    I! Have been very good. x3 Am still writing, although I struggle for the time, and actually prepared to enter an actual writing competition! One in real life! :D

    ...Of course, I couldn't enter 'cause I didn't have any stamps and kept forgetting to buy some, but still! It's a step forward!


    x3 Despite it coming all too fast, anything you're looking forward to/want to get for Christmas? x3
    :eek: Of course I remember you! *glomps* :D It's brilliant to see you again!

    xD No kidding! Caught me off guard when it all changed - but visitor messages are fuuuuuun. x3

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