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  • It does if I made it in 2007 and haven't logged for 4 years ( i am telling you). Why am I bothering with this?
    I was trying to hatch a Shiny Axew late last December. It went on for over a week, and once I had given up on that, I went to Black City, only to find the entire place was empty. Up until then, the place had been packed from the start, and I took pride in keeping it that way.
    Hey :]
    I saw a post you made on a thread, can't remember which one.
    You mentioned that Iwata hinted at new games,
    I've read a good portion of the recent "Iwata Asks"..
    ..just wondering what the hint may have been?
    I've got to go in a minute so I haven't time to find it, but try looking in the 4th Gen General section. Certainly there was one there, unless it recently died.
    I like the remix, but I think I like the official version a bit more, even if it does seem shorter.
    Sadly, Government Hooker isn't too radio-friendly, so I also doubt that it'll be a single. I do like the song, but I kind of knew that it wouldn't be released as a single once I heard it.
    I want it to be a single too, but if not that, then Hair would also be acceptable. I really like both songs.
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