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Judge Mandolore Shepard

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  • I saw you put some Halo 3 ODST OST in that video game music thread.

    Cracking good choice man, that game has some classics.
    Hi. Do you pray to God? If you do please pray for my friend. He's having a really scary time with his parents over wanting to see the mlp movie....and wanted to run from his home. It worries me. His mom did something scary to his ear too. :<
    *Latios wonders how Krookadile is. He tells Krookodile he did a 70 hour week at work last week so that's why he wasn't around.*
    Hey there :) We haven't talked much in awhile XD

    I must ask you, since I know you like mlp. Are you going to be seeing the new movie?
    Oh, alright :) I'm glad I didn't do anything to upset you.

    Where are you vacationing at? I'm curious :3
    Hi...I'm sorry if I said anything on my forum that turned you off posting there. Its not that I hate super heroes; it's just i've been gave a hard time about liking girly things and not being much into boy stuff for years and I guess I was starting to retaliate at one point. It isn't fair to feel forced to be someone you're not :/ I hope you'll still enjoy posting on my forum in the future and I hope we can still be friends. I think you're a pretty cool guy; even if I don't really understand a lot of the stuff you like^^;;;
    Hey wanna play some forum games on my forum? :D I know ya doooo. lol

    And uhhh.

    My head sorta hurt's right now. Alack alay
    Don't worry too much about my remark. It was just a cheeky response in what is a games thread. It's not a big deal either way.
    Oh okay.

    Sorry for the drama. Seeing my counsolor is like a new phobia thing with me o.o its weird...

    I feel like i might show a lot of courage facing my mom tomorrow and somehow i'm okay with it :)

    ...facing my worst fears.

    But somehow. I don't think they'll kill me.

    I know who i am.

    I'm a loving person. I'm finding myself more everyday.

    I want to live in a less black and white world and i suppose risks must be made.

    Yeah, i hope i don't chicken out....lol

    And if my mom has a heart attack well.

    I'll blame those soul snatchers :< Not me.

    Or maybe it would be all my fault...

    Just like MewSkitty's death was my fault.

    I'm sure a lot of people started favoring her as i talked about her and gained a more 'badass' nature through my crush on her XD

    ...Haha, though you probably liked her anyways :p
    Dang o_O;; with this in mind, i can totally understand why i would prefer 'casual' gaming...haha....

    I prefer cute games :3

    What do you think of korrina? I'm sure you know what i think by my forum and all my posts on here and there rofl

    *snuggle's my avatar of her*
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