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Judge Mandolore Shepard

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  • Awww alwight :3

    I may play some myself today i just don't know which ones yet lol and i wanna get over my jumpyness xP I don't like doing things when i feel jumpy/hyper: I always worry it may lead to meltdowns x.x if something goes wrong....like games not working and stuff o.o;;
    Ohhh, a final fantasy fan, huh? :3 Surfingpichu, one of the other members on my forum, will like you a lot. She's A HUGE final fantasy nerd. Especially of tactics and several of the classic games.
    Ahh, i had a feeling you're a newbie around here! just saw your join date was today, so welcome to serebii.net :D *give's you a cupcake^^*
    Hi i just added you to my friends :)

    Would you like to join my forum? I can pm you the url, if you like. i don't post it publicly though as it was troll city when i did that D: ahhh, the bannings i had to dish out...lol
    Awesome! Mine's Celty too. She's just so awesome and her romance with Shinra is adorable. I also really like most of the rest of the cast too though. And while Izaya isn't my favourite character, he sure is fun to analyse (as in, work out his character motivations that aren't explicitly displayed and such).
    Hey! I just spotted in your top ten list of anime that you like Durarara, and I really like it too! Who's your favourite character?
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