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  • Ahaha, thank you. I just finished watching the movie, Rock Star, if you've seen it. It's a story about metal :)
    while I listen to my Lamb of God and Messhugah
    You're welcome. And we have lots of things so I'm sure you'll find something that you'll like. And if you need help with something you can always ask me or one of the co-leaders.
    So wait.

    You don't really admit or find yourself in the wrong for calling me a feminist? And you're still, after that, going to try and exclaim I should pussyfoot compliment review like you? Even though you ignore the fact unlike your flattery of failure I actually told the person how to improve and what to begin to start doing to do so.

    Yet, my crit is wrong for showing them the begining of the journey to advance themselves?

    I didn't delete them so Mods won't see them. I did it as part of to end it already. As i said before I didn't come here to argue. And i know how things how, i know mods can see edited and deleted posts. And its not that I'm wrong, i admit I'm wrong in some parts, I just let it happen. But in things like you telling people this and that about art is just something you don't do.

    sorry but, LOL "magical hard on or something on my non existant penis?"
    Lol I know my stuff is crap half the time. So you think that really affects me when someone who called me a feminist for an opinion of bad art, will make me blow up and rageface so hard I get a magical hard on or something on my non existant penis?

    Also btw- I've already reported all those posts you edited. And mods still see deleted posts. So you going back and backtracking to try and clean up your image makes you admit you know you are in the wrong for what you did.

    It was just a follow up to my insult towards you. What fail troll? You seriously need to get out of /b/ young missy. Lol what? Because I'm attacking you? Your funny.

    Btw, by the view of your "art" you shouldn't be going on criticizing others stuff. Your stuff is crap,(not saying that my stuff is better) Just saying your stuff is crap. Plus, i understand when some pictures are just too badly drawn. But that person gave it their best, and i really hate when someone lashes out at someone because of that.


    to avoid the caps silly no all caps rule lolz





    I mean seriously you should be able to tell how seriously I am taking a masculist troll like you.

    dance monkey boy, dance.
    Lol what the hell are you smoking.

    Now you're attacking me for playing WoW? What would you bash me for playing pogermanz, digimon, games with dragons, tetris, and other such silly wastes of time or things to while away the boredom?

    Maybe you should stop acting like a fail troll and wake up and smell the roses, you're the one attacking a person who posted an opinion about how two soft porn pictures looked like underage children.

    Cause even if it had been male and not female, I would have been offended by that- and not just how badly drawn they are.

    And also if you still want to baw I'm a Feminazi, then you are a Masculist. Why? Because you're attacking me, because heaven forbid I stated an opinion/view you didn't share or like.
    Yami Ryu@

    Yes you are. Because what she posted was art. It wasn't something for the pleasure of someone(Although I'm sure there's people that do get off to it.) I see it as art, not as something that will give someone a stiffy or something. But you treated it as something of a total failure. If you could actually produce some type of art, you would understand. But since you just play WoW and bash at other people because you feel that your views are offended, you don't.

    And no im not a "masculist". I'm not hating on you Ryu, I'm simply defending art. You could say what you want about some female degrading herself or something, but in this case it's art. But whatever, you won't understand. Sure you can be honest with criticism, but there's a line that you should stop at. But yeah, i don't want to argue anymore because i didn't join this forum to argue, I will be removing my responses on those threads. Sorry.

    LoneStarAkira@ Why in the world are you butting in? This doesn't concern you.
    My reason for calling her that is because of another thread where she posted and became very offended with what the OP posted
    So if I'm a feminist for being disgusted/offended by what looks like underage softporn.

    YOU must be a masculist because you are a male hating on me, a female.
    And also, how funny and stupid of you to bring your respond to my profile. Very nice. Feminist females these days.
    What? Because she has the decency to take a personal conversation (or in this case, argument) to a seperate location instead of spamming up a person's own art thread?

    Like what you're doing right now in that exact same thread?
    Yami Ryu@ Haha, look at you, trying to act mature. How cute:)

    The way you criticized the drawings of that girl member we're just very immature, and you used your post to lash out at someone. And definitely you cannot "bend people to my will and opinion" Why? Because your a feminist. Simple. That and your post totally violated the rules on criticizing others fan art. And also, how funny and stupid of you to bring your respond to my profile. Very nice. Feminist females these days.

    Now little girl acting mature, run along and be feministic somewhere else. :)
    LOL enraged Feminist.
    So evidently to halfwits with access to computers, I am a religious fanatic. I have an agenda to bend people to my will and opinion. And evidently being offended by a badly drawn picture, makes me a feminist.

    Last time I checked I wasn't a feminist and I get tired of feministic ****.

    So how about instead of trying to appear smart next time, you sit on your idle little hands.

    It'll make you look smarter dear.
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