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  • Thank you too!! I didn't realize these were your own Shinies caught in Friend Safari, I will treasure them well. ^w^
    Okay, I do have a bit of time now so if you're alright I'll do the cloning for you! FC is in my profile, IGN is also Road.
    hey julius hopefully everything is alright since you haven't been online since the 2nd but anyway your comfey is ready for trade ^_^
    thanks and me too which I can't wait to get more stuff especially when sun and moon comes out :p
    you welcome and sorry for the hard to find I work so my hours are random as heck on the forums as well as i have a upcoming convention but no worries about the shop like I told him. We both plan on opening it back up in 7th gen later :3 so keep a eye out ^_^ and no worries its not your fault with the buneary being stubborn it happens :p also that shiny goldeen came from that goldeen you gave me ;) I hatched it in 10 eggs :3
    yep sure :3 I can trade :) I will get online I should still have you in my friends list and charizard closed the trade shop if you didn't notice but I will be lurking around the trade forum for trades.
    sorry for the long wait your buneary was the most stubborn thing I breed in awhile but its done
    they all sound wonderful to me XD I will take the luxuary ball hidden ability hippopatas sounds the best since I like to match balls with shiny forms XD
    yes thanks you as well for hte trade even though that was very strange what my ds did >.> I hope it doesn't do it agian but thank you :3 oh also heads up not sure if you saw my post but I found a way to get ally switch ^_^ I got a friend ball natu which I got it in black version atm from soulsilver game. I plan on battling in white 2 version to get the tm to have it learn it and transfer it to oras for breeding ^_^ I still in progress but stay tune if you see it as a egg move :3
    strange it showed on the game your were on my friends list but I never deleted you but the system did?
    I will be on and off all day so when you ready to trade and you see a green light right next to my username shoot a vm ^_^
    your request is ready my friend :3 so we can trade tommorow after I get off from work if you are available of course :3
    yeah if you want that is fine because that will be super annoying which I haven't rnged in a long time as well >.> sorry I didn't relieze it until I looked at it to start it XD its mostly just ally switch is the trouble XD I didn't have a spare natu in black version so I was like crap...
    sooooo I was tired and didn't relieze the problem with your request which ally switch practically can only be passed down by inheritance of a pokemon that knows ally switch which the only two is archen which it has to be learned by kingler which kingler can't learn it unless its breed with archops sooooo we have dilemma which another is xatu which needs to learn it from generation 5 to pass it down but what makes it even farther that I have to go back in generation 4 to get a natu which can be catched in a swarm >.< soooo I would like to know what you like to replace that with because tbh that is to much work for its worth which roost is just a tm so that can be slapped on with it. I can do the other two no problem though so just shoot me a message what you like to do with this situation.
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