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    hey i wouldnt mind a battle, if your free on sunday
    (english time 2pm to 5pm)
    then please message me with your friend code!
    I was wondering if you still had that Shiny Adamant Mudkip for trade? I saw it on the forums, lols.

    and, if so, is the little bugger able to be nicknamed?
    alright, I can accept that, lemme get this straight, though:
    Magmortar Has HP Ice, just screwed up EVs
    Kiss has HP Elec, Interesting. I thought it was ice, I might be wrong on the EVs, or I just don't know
    The gira's not hacked because it was just EVed efficiently. I'm used to EVing like that after a baby tournament.
    I mean no insult to you, just trying to get this straight.
    the Giratina's not hacked. I recieved it myself, EVed it against low leveled pokemon, and boxed it, thus changing it's stats. That I'm sure is legit, as my heatran wasn't hacked because it was EVed before Lv.71, just against low leveled. I'll bring a keckleon tommorow for you to test those HPs, as I know Maggys, and I'm pretty sure on Kisses. If you are set on them being hacked, then It's my fault for providing the wrong info for the EV spreads, and I am sorry.
    I EVed that myself, I just never leveled it up while EVing. geodudes and bidoofs don't give a lot of EXP, especially not enough to level up Giratina. I feel this whole trade was a huge misunderstanding, mostly on my messups and loss of right EVs.
    I never got to fixing it after I messed up. It really has 252Sp.A/20HP/182Spe. The IVs were posted in the Storm Kings thread, and will fish them out. Also, it'd hit SE on a starly. I'd never try to trick you, and I might have gave you the wrong EV spread for kiss. again, all my bad.
    The Magmar has a 100% HP Ice, it's just missing a few Speed EVs, that might be throwing it off. the Jolt might have to wait till morning as I can't trade now.
    I was sure it had HP Ice, in battles, it hit SE on Dragons. The jolteon was my mistake, I thought you wanted the Ice one. I'm sorry.
    so this is what we will do-
    we will trade, and i\ll wait on wifi asking for a battle.
    after you finished your trade come back with your team to wifi and we will battle.
    is it ok?
    btw that last maessage sounded like it came from no-where

    thanks for the friend request and i was planning on breeding some tailows (UU lead)
    sneasel for trapinch
    charizard for the timid jolteon
    for deoxys the adamant lucario
    and can i save the salac berry?
    Hey, I saw an old post on the Charizard trading thread about a Shiny Lvl 100 Charizard.

    I was wondering if it is still up for trade.
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