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  • Ah, cool. :D College? Yeah, tell me about it. Once University starts up I'll only be here to post what I write occasionally. Hahah. Good to hear things've been going well for you though. :)

    Everything's going good over here... Almost got a job at a movie theater in my grasp, and I can't wait to start up school to see some friends again! Hahah.
    oh no, that sucks. last sunburn i got was from being out in the sun for orientation leader training because i forgot to wear sunscreen, but it was for like 5 hours haha. are you originally from the bay area?
    oh yeah i'm super white too haha. if i don't layer on the sunscreen i get burns fairly easily if i'm out for more than like 2 hours, but oh well. it's like 100+ degrees in my hometown right now which is worse than getting little sunburns. bleh.
    yeah one of my friends is in an apartment there for the summer right now and he's bored a lot haha. but yea, bart is awesome, i need to go to san francisco more.. last time i went with my friends we got rained on terribly so we keep trying to plan a make-up trip and it hasnt happened yet haha
    oh that's cool, i love san francisco, even though i haven't been there that many times. i've heard lots of stories about people in berkeley but it sounds like a fun place from my friends who go there haha.
    no creep, but you go to ucb?? a few of my high school friends go there and i'm probably going to visit berkeley soon since it's just a bart trip away from my hometown. how do you like it there?
    That's a shame. Been a while since I've been with a guy myself so I know how you feel.

    How long before your on break? I'm doing good thanks, getting ready to move into my new place.

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