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Nov 13, 2012
May 4, 2004
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Oct 16, 1989 (Age: 30)
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M-m-m-m-onobear?!, 30, from Chicagoland

Juputoru was last seen:
Nov 13, 2012
    1. Profesco
      Oh my gosh. It's really your birthday? Huh.

      Well, happy birthday then, Juputoru. =0
    2. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      How was your day?
    3. lolipiece
      Hey, Juppy. If you're still doing the avatars, then I compiled a few ones as well...
    4. Calamity™
      Hey ;}

      This episode should be named "Abra and the Psychic Showdown" Just a slight error I noticed.
    5. Radlin
      I'm in hot water now. Wish me luck....
    6. Haunter ゴースト
      Haunter ゴースト
      Hey don't suppose you can move the 'Pokemon Best Wishes Refences to previous sagas list'
      in the Anime Discussion to anime spoilers?

      Thanks :)
    7. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      So do you really think 2012 is possible cause I don't.
    8. randomspot555
      RE: Discussing subbed episodes. What about in the case of someone saying "Wow, sub makes it easy to enjoy the episode" or otherwise lets it be known they watched a subbed episode, but doesn't provide links to it or hints at where to get it? Is that something that should be reported?
    9. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      Ha nice I guess I'll have to wish you a happy birthday when the time comes. ;)
    10. Banana Knight Arthur
      Banana Knight Arthur
      I miss the Teddie avatar...
    11. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      Hey Hey How's it going Mrs.Juputoru?
    12. ashhleeyy
      Haha, film is very annoying and expensive. I should probably invest in a digital camera, but I could spend money on better things right now. Like a bike. I may have smoked my short-term memory away but the long-term one is still peachy keen; a bike would be way more useful than some pictures.

      I'm in love with the Public Market. I've been stopping there every so often en route home from work to just sit and chill. Go online. Grab some delicious food or juice. Good stuff! I'd love to try some of the breads and cheese that's there. I haven't yet but, *adds to list*.

      Seriously, cars are so much money. Insurance, for me, would run $473/6 months (I've looked into it, haha). Gas would be somewhere around $100/month and the car itself? No bueno.

      Hahaha, yeah, Ohio. Ohio is like a slightly warmer version of Wisconsin, almost identically. Politically, they're in the same exact situations and Cincinnati is like a smaller Milwaukee with a bigger downtown. Even UC's campus looks a lot like UWM's but with actual vegetation and a major that I want to pursue. All of my family lives there and I'm so happy every time I visit. Ah, I just don't know at this point. I feel I should do some moving around while I'm not committed to anything or anyone that relies on my staying in Wisconsin. But I'll never be an Ohio State fan, that's for damn sure. (or Bengals or whatever. That's just... No.) Plus Cincinnati isn't terribly far from here and I could get two-way mega bus tickets for $25 if I planned that out far enough in advance. We'll see.

      That's grand! Chicago is probably my favorite city in the world (says a person who's only seen the western half of this country, Canada, England, and Ireland :P). And Madison is probably my second favorite. So... awesome!! What will clinicals entail exactly?
    13. BIGJRA
      Oh. Yeah, i was just venting my anger by being sarcastic. I do know who made the shop though.
    14. BIGJRA
      Hooray. My special artwork from a closed shop is deleted. Thanks for the signature strike.
    15. Radlin
      It is pretty cool.
    16. matt0044
      Just wondering: did you get my reply?
    17. Radlin
      What is your profile pic about?
    18. ashhleeyy
      Yeah, the US Bank building had quite the line. I loved that after waiting for what felt like 40-ish minutes, the elevator doors opened to reveal a shady lookin' electrical room. It was so anti-climactic. The view though was phenomenal. I didn't even think to look for my apartment! Bah. I did see my old dorms though. And I got some pretty great pictures (hopefully, downside of film: I don't really know yet). I used up my color film up there and then brought a roll of black and white film for the rest of the places I went because my other film is high-intensity professional color film which I thought would be wasted on such a grey day.

      I also ended up going to the Northwestern Mutual building because I heard the architecture is phenomenal (which it was), The Safe House, the Pabst, City Hall, The Milwaukee Cupcake Company (that was closed when I went at 3-ish yesterday; sad), and then I went to the Milwaukee Public Market for the first time ever. Oh my gosh, it's great there! I had one of the most delicious veggie burgers I've ever tasted. I can't believe I had never been there before. Oh yeah, and I did a tour of the Calatrava. I love that place; super excited for the Impressionism exhibit that's fast approaching. There are so many cool subtleties in the architecture. Since I don't have a car, I'd never been in the parking garage and we learned that since one of the motifs to the building design is a boat, they made the parking garage into a "submarine" since it's below lake level and as all submarines have periscope, they modeled the windows to the building in a way that if you look up at the ceiling in the parking garage, you can see a mirrored reflection of the skyline. Too cool.
    19. ashhleeyy
      Damn character limit D:

      Have you ever seen Bill Maher's documentary Religionless? It's really funny and there's a part where he interviews Christian scientists who believe in creationism. That's what I thought of when I read "the one scientist who disagrees with hundreds of other scientists" since they use a similar figure.

      Hahah, I love it. Very exclusive. I've only once seen a girl in passing say something along the lines of "here in Wisconsin," thought "o rly?" and never saw her post again. Granted the user-base I've seen is a mere fraction of a fraction but I would still think that this isn't that much of a boonies state. Probably why I flipped when I saw your location was Milwaukee.

      On the other hand, I'm going to visit the University of Cincinnati campus this weekend and will be talking to transfer personnel and some of the science department heads! It's been on top of my transfer list for a while and they have a great Nutritional Science program.
    20. ashhleeyy
      I would mess that up too, I'm so not coordinated D: That's still amazing though, where was it at? I was just at the Pabst yesterday for Doors Open for the first time and that place is very pretty. Can't see much dancing happening there, though. Did you end up going to Doors Open yesterday? I saw a couple of things and I'll see a couple more today.
      Best idea ever. Creationism is reason enough but after that HPV stint it's like 'seriously? Have you ever even heard of science?'

      You would love my pumpkin cream cheese muffins then! I actually love strawberries (along with potatoes, they're my favorite food), but I hate things that are tart.

      I KNOW. Sooooo gloomy, I love fall and all but knowing that winter's a'comin' is just depressing.
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    Oct 16, 1989 (Age: 30)
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