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Nov 13, 2012
May 4, 2004
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Oct 16, 1989 (Age: 30)
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M-m-m-m-onobear?!, 30, from Chicagoland

Juputoru was last seen:
Nov 13, 2012
    1. MotherRussia
      I'm reporting you! You lied to everyone on SPPF! How dare you!!!!!

      You are too as scary as you look! Lolz. Jk :P
    2. Valkyrie Cain
      Valkyrie Cain
      Oh. Well what VM was it? xD
      How are you btw?
    3. ashhleeyy
      It seems anywhere that's a good distance away from a university/downtown is significantly cheaper. A friend of mine who graduated last winter finally got a legitimate job as a pre-school teacher and she lives in White People Bay Whitefish Bay and even there it's a lot cheaper: $385 for her to share a two story, three bath, three bedroom town house with two of her closest friends.

      Man, that sucks! People are so shady. That's good though that you weren't affected! Was your lock damaged? :[ From the outside, your schedule seems so confusing. How are your clinicals going to affect your classes? Those seem like they would be an all-day kind of thing but it seems you're already in labs all day. Yeeps.

      I didn't know the Riverwalk was that long! I might have to bring my camera on a walk and try doing that before it gets too cold out. I guess I've never payed much attention to the Riverwalk than the little bit of it I see en route from Wisc. & Plankinton to Chase Bank. Though I remember when I discovered that Chase Tower and Grand Ave. connected; that was a cool cool discovery and such a pretty little walk. Tall buildings still fascinate me and I don't think I've quite gotten over the excitement of living in Milwaukee, three years later.

      ahaha, I think it should work like that. Science is amazing. I found my AP Bio notebook from senior year in H.S. and I was reading up. Though I was less fond of science then, so I definitely laughed when I got to the pages that I had forgotten I stabbed repeatedly with a pearing knife one cold night while studying for exams. Poor notes, clearly I was a lot more hostile towards my studies back in the day.

      I question that too! Not complaining though, it was nice when I was moving into the dorms and the 105th was going on. It was loud, but my parents were in town during it so they would come spend time with me and show up in style on their Roadster; definitely eased the initial homesick-ness.
    4. Valkyrie Cain
      Valkyrie Cain
      You visited my profile. Can I help you?
      Lol I can't believe I said that to a mod. xD
    5. ashhleeyy
      Yeah, that's the worst. And cars don't even seem worth it (sometimes). What with gas and insurance and all I feel that I'd gladly rather spend my money on the bus or go out and get some exercise. Unless, of course, I'm looking at a 2 hour commute then I kind of wish I had a car. Are you planning on staying in Milwaukee after you graduate? Or in the downtown area?

      That's a pretty good idea. In the spring, a friend who was a Freshman at that time asked me to get him a bottle of anything and gave me a $20 Pick N Save gift card and told me to keep it (pretty sure he was thinking a bottle was close to $20). I ended up getting him some cheap rum or something for $10 and picked up a few grocery items! Good day.

      I found the coolest hidden route to Brady St. the other day! Except it's not hidden or really that cool since it's just the last little bit of Water St. before it dies into Humboldt. I was walking past Bel Air Cantina (amazing x5. If you want an amazing $2 Taco Tuesday deal, go there) down Kane and apparently Kane turns into Water right before Water turns into Brady; not a very efficient way to get to Brady but a very efficient way to get onto Water and just coast right to downtown.

      Hahaha, I think science is one of the funniest nouns to turn into a verb. I love it.

      Good choice, motorcycles are definitely a lot of work. This guy in my apartment building is constantly working on his. If I lived in a more consistently temperate place (today is the perfect example of how Wisconsin is so not like that; 85 on Saturday and 40 today? seriously? at least it's a good day for multiple cups of free hot coffee) that would allow me to still motorcycle myself around in the winter, I would have been all over that already.
    6. Banana Knight Arthur
      Banana Knight Arthur
      Oh well I sure was off, but I see how a N appearance could work well, since Meowth will no longer be available to provide Nyasugotiating. Given that N practically speaks Pokemon language.
    7. ashhleeyy
      That explains a lot! I think my idea of downtown-living involves dishing out over a grand for some crap studio or efficiency like I've heard friends that go to MSOE talk about.

      I'm so excited for financial aid. Too bad they don't consider me a financial independent until I'm 24 D:
      But on the other hand, I'll probably still be in school when I'm 24 >_>;
      (Seriously just thought "wait.. how old am I?" Not drinking my bank account away has made me forget that I'm 21. I should probably sell my state ID to a freshman. yay tuition money!)
      & yeah, I wish I could do what I would love more than anything to do but I don't think I could stay in Wisconsin and get a job as a teacher let alone an instrumental music teacher. Same with a lot of states, sadly. (Oh, but my new favorite coffee regular gave me this today! She's probably the only liberal in Brookfield.)
      I was saying to another member how awesome life would be if I could take all of the music theory classes my heart desires and graduate with some science-y degree.

      Yeah, the east side is very bike friendly! Especially along the lake.
      Ouch, yeah, skin is really nice. I like mine; I would like to be good to it. Are you thinking of getting your motorists license anytime soon or are you going to wait until you have a 'cycle?
    8. Flame Mistress
      Flame Mistress
      Well, at least you're doing your job properly...
    9. Banana Knight Arthur
      Banana Knight Arthur
      ...it also seems like there's a certain something it might possibly lead to if the writers make it into an ongoing thing instead of a one-off gag, but...this isn't the topic for discussing what I'm thinking of.

      I'm curious as to what you meant,,,,,,,,,do you think it will lead to a desire to evolve/become a Raichu? OR do you think Pikachu will learn dig?
    10. Mr. Reloaded
      Mr. Reloaded
      That avatar is awsome where's it from?
    11. Princess Logry
      Princess Logry
      Why did you close my thread?

      I wanted it to be about that, not about ALL pop music
    12. @MiGo
      Hey, in the Pokemon Manga Discussion forum, i see that there is not already an official Pokemon Special/Adventures discussion thread. Im just wondering, is there a reason for this? And is one able to be made?
      Just curious. :)

    13. ashhleeyy
      Oh wow, I thought it would be a lot more expensive downtown but it actually looks cheaper than living on the east side. Without parking in my building it's $685 per month for a single bedroom with heat and gas included. Parking garage access is $80 but there's side angle parking in front of the building (that rarely gets used because it's a purely residential one-way street) so a lot of people don't bother.

      Thanks! Basically my situation is my family used to be a normal middle class family but the economy took a poop and now my parents can barely get by, let alone pay for my schooling anymore. So I had $8,000 in tuition to pay off that I didn't get financial aid for because, at the time, my family made too much for assistance. I've managed to get my debt down to $3,200 (and fiddy-two cents) now, so yay. I obviously couldn't take classes with that debt, so for the past year and a half I've been working full-time so I can get back to school ASAP; yesterday was the first day I thought "wow, I'm so close to being able to go back to school again." In my time off, however, I've realized how little I would get out of a degree in Instrumental Music Education so I've also had to kind of deal with the "wat do?" stuff that I thought I was lucky enough to have avoided. Oh well, such is life.

      I guess I've never noticed the bike lanes, well, lack thereof, in the downtown area. Ride your bike to the east side! We have either one-ways or bike lanes on the both-ways. :D
      I LOVE motorcycles. Again, I think I'd be too scared to ride one. But irregardless, someday I will have my motorists license. My dad had two Harleys at one point and his brother used to build his own customs because he worked for Harley and had access to cool ****. I'm so so happy you just said "helmet"; my dad is stupid and doesn't wear one. >:[
    14. Not in it for the money
      Not in it for the money
      You should PM me your MSN before I get banned again. Por favor.
    15. ashhleeyy
      That's really weird that the hospital by campus isn't a clinical site. But they send people out to Menomonee Falls? Really? I'd be real mad. I know a lot of people that commute too, a lot being Marquette students actually. It seems my whole high school either ended up at UWM, Marquette, Madison or UW-Parkside and with Marquette costing more than the other three combined, I'm not surprised a lot of the people I know that attend that school commute. Plus, I can't imagine it's very cheap living in an apartment in the downtown area.

      Bah, I'm a terrible listener/reader. D: I miss my U-Pass. A couple friends of mine with cars would hook me up with theirs (since I still had my UWM ID) but my wallet ended up getting stolen one day because my dumb *** left it on the seat next to me when I got off the bus. I'm going to be back in school this spring, though! Possibly December if any of my classes are offered during the Winterim. I figure I can just follow this curriculum guide and get something transferable under my belt even though I wouldn't be able to stay at UWM and get a degree; at least I'll be doing something proactive while I figure **** out.

      I wish my parents would have been more adamant in my bike-riding as well. When I was 8 and my dad was trying to get me to ride a two-wheeler for the first time I fell and went pretty much all "**** this" and refused to try again until I was 19 and decided to use the bike I had gotten 6 years previously for the first time. I was pretty wobbly. I rode it to the lake a couple of times but that was it. I'd love to have a bike here as better means of transportation, but omgscared. I've heard crazy accident stories from friends who are seasoned bikers. D:
    16. Profesco
      I didn't know GrizzlyB could sing.
    17. ashhleeyy
      Oh, you're doing your clinicals at the VA? I guess I would have pinned you to be stationed at a hospital downtown or definitely closer than 40 something-th and National. If the second half of your voyage involves taking the 18, then yeah, kind of shady. I'm on it twice a day 5-6 days per week so I can attest that all the bus drivers are extremely friendly but the civilians tend to be obnoxious and are, ironically, usually ones that get on at the VA center. That's a pretty late time for clinicals (unless it's AM?) to start, I can't imagine it's going to be very fun being out and about that late at night. D:

      Yeah, Walgreens usually has some killer deals sometimes but their food selection is all sugar cereals, pringles, ice cream and microwavable wings it seems. And Metro Mart (isn't that owned by the same people as Pick N Save?) seems nice, but yes, expensive. Their deli is super impressive though. Man, on one of those days where the heat index threw some 100+ degree heat in our faces I can't imagine that hour-long walk back with groceries was a good time. I love walking places, though. I recently went on a long walk where I went from my apartment ('round-a-bouts North and Prospect) to where Brady St. turns into Water, down Brady to Farwell, Farwell to McKinley Marina and then down Lake Dr. to Prospect and back to the homefront. I brought my camera and ended up with some beautiful pictures that I'm excited to get developed (my camera is old school).

      Oh no! Not gonna lie, it's nice hearing that I'm not the only one who went so long without riding a bike that I had to relearn balance skills. The kick off is the worst; I think that's the main reason when I'm mentally demanding myself to get a short bike.
    18. Remmie
      Thanks! One last question: how comes only mods can have their own personal avatars? Because yours is defenitly not from Pokemon. Why can`t we, non-mods, have our own personal avatar taken from the net? Just a question like this that has been bothering me for a long time.
    19. SaltySoul
      There's no other chat thread for R&C.
    20. Remmie
      Tell me when you`ll be done with Reburst please!
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    Oct 16, 1989 (Age: 30)
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