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    blah blah blah STUPID [S}black people music[/S] RAP MUSIC ISN'T EVEN MUSIC. They sample music STEAL MUSIC from other artists and they don't even sing! This clearly requires no talent. *probably listens to shıtty indie rock bands nobody cares about*
    I really respect this post, Juputoru.

    But I didn't have time to say so in the thread since it seems Ichi got there first. :p
    Damn, am I late...but I have to say a belated: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! to one of the most awesome mods around here.
    Dealing with all these idiots can be bothersome, so I hope you had at least a nice birthday. ^^
    Oh, I forgot to say happy birthday when I posted before. I came on to do that, but got distracted by the fabulousness of your sig.

    So, happy slightly belated birthday.
    Cool, get on it.

    While you do that I just hope it gets easier as we go along...because I swear to Christ if I see one more post about Mama Pidgeotto or whatever its called not appearing and everyone forgetting that Starly didn't do jack until Gardenia, I'm gonna ****ing lose it.
    I know you don't have the power to ban people, since half of PAD would be banned already, but you really need to do something about the stupid BAAAAAAW BW IS THE WORST/BEST SAGA EVER WHINE WHINE WHINE! fiasco.

    Come on, a stupidity filter, swift warnings, more pictures of awful things stupid teenage girls like, anything?
    Quick question for you- Would it be okay if I made a General Team Plasma Speculation thread in the Anime Spoilers? I know we still don't have confirmation that Team Plasma will be in Best Wishes, but it seems pretty likely that they will.
    I've tried the Report button before, but nothing ever seems to materialize. I mean, I know mods have lives outside the forum, but still, this is just easier for me. I'll try the report button next time.
    You have picked up where Suikun left off it seems. Is there really necessary to be disrespectful to certain members with wacky pics and snide remarks just because you don't personally like them? It only brings in more negativity.
    Nah, I put reports from the site in my junk mail ages ago. Bahaha. I just browse the reported post forum and catch the ones that don't have any views.
    Oh I am so sorry.:( I'll be sure to remember that.... oh and BTW, I am the one who commented on your youtube video a few days ago, asking if it was Juputoro from SPPf.XD
    Why thanks, I was going through withdrawals. You need to hurry and get MSN because I was an idiot for thinking it was compatible with AIM chat, but alas.

    You are very welcome. I still feel strange being able to do stuff out of my sections though. I have a feeling I'll be visiting PAD often though. Seems like a lot of reports come from there, lol.
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