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  • It probably wouldn't be worse than what is posted there on a regular basis, honestly.

    Well I'm in it for the long run. Pretty soon I'll be a household name. Like pringles, but a much sexier mustache. I like this new avatar but I have no idea what it is. Randomly googling for something that looks cool. Your avatar says IVIIKA or something. Smells Russian.

    I think you should go with Justin Bieber. However if negative reinforcement is your game you may want to attach grotesque pornography to the profile of the offending user. You know, take the high road.
    Um yeah, one more infraction and you're permabanned. You better behave!

    And yeah I still feel weird being able to do crap in every forum now. I didn't think I could ban regular mods either. As a gag if I leave I might give a few hundred members custom avatars, lol. Anyways I didn't mean to single out PAD I just checked the report thread.

    My Gene Simons closing message might become a staple though. I hope it becomes widespread among the staff.
    Rofl the infraction I gave you earlier today actually did ban you and I was like WHOA HOLY **** and I unbanned super quick. Hahaha. But I am the only person sporting a pink name. I'm just that awesome. :p
    BAHAHAHA. That actually made my night. I should put a caption or something that says "This is me IRL." Me having this sig is going to give the Misc. crowd material for weeks.
    Did I tell you my mother walked when my windows were minimized, and saw that image in all of its shining glory? My first words were "...I can explain."
    Oh I was going to suggest a man in a purple G-string as your avatar, but this works out too. :D
    Oh my I didn't even know it had been a week yet! I was already browsing google images, lmao.
    Oh victory, how sweet you tasteth. I'm looking forward to picking it out! I've been browsing those bondage porno sites and found the perfect for you.

    Also, how do you stand living in Wisconsin? HOW?
    Ohoho, its on! And who said we'd have to wager money. One of us will have to do something horribly degrading and humiliating if we lose. Those are always the funnest bets.

    Also, do you have MSN or some shiz.
    Ah, gimp. I didn't even know it could edit gifs. Then again, I never used it after downloading it. ^_^; Ah well!
    We would be the coolest. Also, I could totally hold down an avatar for a week! ...or 4 days. Would you like to make a wager missie? >:/

    I'm actually kinda liking this non avatary-ness though. Has a certian feel, ya dig? Also we're gonna battle once we get black and white. Js.
    I know its crazy! Occasionally this happens when I go so avatar happy I don't what to choose. :U It won't last long hahaha. Yours rocks tho.
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