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  • Man. Nothing like tech savvy terminology to make you feel old. Hot dog, though! The one with the shadow's pretty cool.

    Where did you learn how to alter .gifs and so on? Are you skilled in digital media?
    It's just so fun to watch~ ^_^

    What do you mean cut out most frames for it to fit the file size restriction? (I know nussink of such matters.) Amount of frames in an animated image contributes to avatar file size?
    I hereby command you to create a new Next Pokemon Thread for Best Wishes.
    I'm not someone who's eight years old(which is the only known age where "Cyberpube" would be funny)
    Well now I feel guilty.
    You're avatar is awesome.

    That's all, haha. I don't think we've ever talked, but I felt that needed to be said.
    hey I don't appreciate that you call Team Rocket , Team Redundant. You mods are way abusing your powers. I get an infraction for saying pauls sucks yet you guys keep abusing your duties.
    Avast, the foul lass has walked the plank and been cast into the merciless deep. It be time for this ol' pirate to plunder them BW topics and throw 'em topic starters in the galley for further torment from me crew. Yarrgh.
    Hey Juputoru, not to be a butt-kisser or anything, but I've been looking around here, mostly in the Anime Department, and I have to say, you tell folks, and you tell 'em to "Please stop posting in the Character Discussion Thread", and it's gone out that it's a dead sub-forum, and what do they do? They keep on posting idiotic threads there, as if they have no regard for man or machine. I swear, it's like a monkey cage on here some time.

    Uh, keep up the good work. *pats you on the back* Just had to say that.

    I see that report button doesn't work. Could you please do us all a favor and close this thread. There is no point, it was only created for user to argue with other members and troll about how anime sucks. He doesn't even respect everyone's opinions. :/
    I think there should be a certain threshhold that you can cross if enough forum goers hate you which grants infractions.

    In which case everyone agrees!
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