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  • Jupiter, I've read the comic that's on your sig, & I almost fell out of my chair laughing my #$% off!
    It's also a remix of it that I haven't heard before, and I've heard a lot of the MPM remixes.
    It's the 2001 remix off the Movie 4 soundtrack, if I'm not mistaken.
    Once again, one of my threads has been locked unnecessarily. Not because it was against the rules, or a repeat thread. Just because someone could. And please, don't call it "sleazy" because there was nothing like that over the "Which would you rather have? (cheerleaders)" topic. I am going to make a complaint to Serebii because this is too much.
    Oh lord, I cannot look at your sig. It makes me not take Shadow Teddy seriously because he was a ***** to beat!

    I actually can't stop laughing at your sig. lol
    thank you for posting in the movie thread asking them to stop.

    it was getting really annoying and dissguesing and way off topic. thanks
    Hm that is weird, perhaps I thought they had gotten through but it didn't, I thought I did seem them there though. Probably because of the lag though (It does seem a little bit better now though). Guess we will have to see if my reviews in the Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh discussions disappear or if they stay
    Hey I have a question to ask. I have been browsing in the episode discussions reviewing the episodes (Was watching Pokemon episodes from the beginning, just finished watching and now reviewing episodes I forgot to and remember enough about).

    But the thing is I have noticed alot of the threads I reviewed my posts aren't there or it says I haven't posted in it when I know I did, like the Flame-a-thon and Holy Matrimony episode thread.
    Maybe they don't go through because of the lag but I could have sworn I saw my posts on those threads. Is it possible for those threads to get pruned despite they are stickied? Or once you post there they are there forever? (Which is good)
    Err...who the hell is Athena?
    *does quick research*
    Ah, one of the TR admins from HG/SS, a.k.a. the remakes I never bothered to play because they're remakes? Unfortunately, I cannot accurately gauge the cuteness of a character in a game I have not played, so I'm afraid this one ends in a stalemate, Jup. Grr...
    OMG Juputoru's a girl? I wasn't aware that robots had gender!
    I just wanted to say that my new avatar is more adorable than your new avatar. Lubba the Fat Luma is more adorable than Super Paper Mars (haha pun) because he makes adorably obese noises when you feed him star bits. Mars just makes a cry of anguish that got slaughtered by Lisa Ortiz, queen of the netherworld.

    Still not as adorable as that friggin' chinchilla, though.
    Me, you, Kirby, and Kochu are the only girls I can think of who regularly post in Misc. FWIW people always mistake me for a dude too
    AND ME...... KINDA. but yeah I'm not a girl ):

    I came to your page cause I needed to say that your avatar is the HOTTEST!!
    You're most welcome. The kinda ironic thing is that I don't understand what any of the lyrics mean, because someone else made the sig for me and then let me use it, so I can just go around getting it stuck in people's heads without any drawbacks for me. ^_^

    And what the hell @ your sig.
    Okay thanks... I was also thinking as well that the previous thread was getting very long and in some cases off topic because we actually have no idea who will be in the new series yet
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