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  • Hey! Sorry to bother you but I had a question! Are we going to be creating a new Next Pokemon Thread for the upcoming series in November?
    Hey! Sorry to bother you but I had a question! Are we going to be creating a new Next Pokemon Thread for the upcoming series in November?
    It seems like the anime is going to just use filler sagas for Pokes that were neglected in original sagas.

    Also, why is Snorlax running from that mecha?
    I like it more than Serebii. Probably because of the very fact that it's smaller.

    Plus, all the same people that post on Anime discussion post there, minus the idiots.
    Anime Discussion is a little 'meh' with the Grand Festival going on. Plus, I'm finding some of the discussions too much to keep up with. I'm doing most of my bickering these days over at Bulbagarden, since the forums here tend to lag up on me. And I may be switching over to World of Warcraft again, so that means even less time here.

    All in all, it's like I'm trying to dump Serebii.net again. Totally ridiculous of course.
    Is it too early to ban all topics about Flaming Pig? Because let's be honest here - that thing screams "next Piplup". It's obnoxiously adorable and will obviously sell billions upon billions of plushies, lollipops, pencil tops, and giant talking action figures. Unless they decide to give it to Brock, Flaming Pig will clearly never go back into its Pokeball and will cause lots of bash topics and hatred about its overexposure. That's why I say the best way to stop a problem is to prevent it from ever happening.
    That must suck...

    I do feel your pain here, as I've been really frustrated over that fact that I had no means of accessing wi-fi several months ago.

    Around a couple of years ago, I had to rely on my half-sister in order to transfer Pokemon in between my Diamond & Pearl games, & once I've gotten my Platinum game, I've had intentions to get some of my Diamond Pokemon onto that, only to find out that she lost her DS, which I've gotten for her 36th birthday, thank you very much. At first, I thought that it's no big issue, that I can get someone from around here to help with the transfer. Sure enough, one of my friends from around here stepped up to the plate, which meant that I have to check to see if I can still access it from there. Then, another issue comes: her router's security system is incompatible with my DS.

    As it turns out, my half-sister was having issues with people stealing her internet, which I've learned that they can do that from miles away! So she ended up securing it in order to prevent that, but it also effectively keeps my DS offline. Upon find this out, I've gotten frustrated to the point that I would most likely strangle someone, but by some miracle, I didn't. Instead, I thought that I would get a wireless router for myself, seeing as to how my brother has moved out of his room & the fact that I've now claimed that as my own, & the fact that this room has internet access. I've got my own money & my own friggin' credit card, & thus I went online & carefully chosen my router.

    Afterward, I've basically started praying to god over two things, that it actually gets delivered safely to me, & once it did, it allows my DS to access it. In early December, it did make it toward my house, & after a few moments in "The Thinker" position, I've now gotten my DS online, & once I did I've shouted, "THANK YOU GOD!!" knowing that it's all over & done with.

    *gasps for air* that was a mouthful...
    Oh my gosh! Ditto is the head storyboard director of the Pokemon anime! How did we not realize that before?
    Indeed. XD

    I found hiimdaisy ages back... I think a friend linked me. (And I suppose I should play Persona...although my lack of a PS2/PS3 is one huge factor in that =P).
    Darn right it's a crying shame. They're missing out. XD

    And I never even played many of the games done by hiimdaisy (such as Persona) and it's still hilarious. =D
    Oh great Jup. Now that means I won't want to post in there. Just had to make things difficult, didn't you!

    Excuse me while I go make a thread asking how the new games will influence the anime.

    Oh wait. Too late.
    You got me. Doesn't help that that it's all pooled into one concentrated thread.

    Honestly, I tried to keep up earlier, but it fell apart. I'm only willing to post if someone I know comes along to keep the discussion interesting.
    Well, I was going to say Snuggie, but its arms would be visible out in front. Did you draw it? =0

    (Billion's a tad hopeful, but that's not an unreasonable guess.)
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