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  • ooh, sorry to hear that. well, i don't think he was mad at you per se, but just still upset about his ex and is misidentifying you as the perpetrator. if you give it enough time he'll get over her, hopefully. but i don't think he's actually mad at you, or if he's even mad at you at all and you're just taking it the wrong way. but if he is still in love with his ex then you need to talk to him and make a decision of whether or not he's worth your time.

    i feel like i'm not making any sense, did i help at all?
    Haha, thanks... it's level 30 and it hasn't fainted once so it should evolve already, and it's day time :/
    Well, yeah, I guess so...but now that I'm a senior, it just doesn't feel right. Like everything has gone by too fast.
    Meanwhile, I'm gonna play Pearl, which I never bothered to finish since I got Platinum xD
    but, but perche??? oh is it your friends how they're all drama again?

    also, look at my delicious signature lol. (by the way you can't socialize in threads such as your "hola" thread, as in asking what's up. just a heads up lol =)
    Yes it is ^^, anyways why don't you check out the two forums in my sig? ^0^
    oh my ****ing god. like, woah. you already have two pages of vm's and you joined like, what? an hour ago? holy jesus christ. lol. well aren't you popular. haha. oh and i saw you posted on haysu. that's good.
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