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  • Hi Peachy :3 I don't know how to reply to your last message but can you remind me of what our trade was please in list form?
    But....how could you?!?! We trusted you with that ship Peach!!! :(

    Oh I'm not moving haha I just REALLY want to, and can't wait until I can actually affordto do so, which won't be anytime soon haha When i do get myself a doggie I'll be sure to take LOTS of pictures :D

    I get those feelings often! I'd like to reach out to a lot of my old friends, but the truth is they don't need me in their lives, so it's better if I just leave things be I guess. You're like that too? Well no need to worry about that happening here! The only way to get rid of me is if you choose to stop talking :p

    *ships Haley x Peach some more* sorry, you were saying? I dont really remember who I've been shipped with, all I do remember is that I thought we were shipping packages like UPS....apparently we weren't :| haha
    The second I move I will be getting a doggie!!!! Going to rescue one :), I can't wait! Yea...it still bugs me and I'm still bitter about it, but that's my family for ya!

    Haha you know how many times I've almost done that?! Seems like a strange option to be able to leave yourself a visitor message :|

    Actually I'm the same way! I like space, but at times I can be a little cuddle bug :), but don't worry, I'll be sure not to crowd you and cramp your style!

    Oh no! You've jumped overboard?!?! :O *throws life preserver* grab on!!!!
    Its a good thing Haley was there to come to the rescue! *ships Peach and Haley* going to blush?! >:D.
    I honestly don't know if they do, I've only gone there once haha but I would guess YES! Only because shipping used to happen at The Order...I've been on quite a few voyages, before I knew what the heck they were actually taking about :|. I'm so out of the loop with everything haha
    Awwww the kitty is so cute!!! Is that Fattie?! :O haha

    So there was another message for moi?! Or did you eventually post it on my "wall"? :)
    Oh its okay, it's a normal question to ask, I'm just still sensitive about it...she meant a lot to me :(. I've only ever lost one other pet, and that sucked a lot too because no one in my family told me they were putting her down (my first dogs name was Candy). I came home for lunch from school, didn't really spend time with her, and when I got home after school they told me they put her down....I was so angry that I didn't get to say goodbye. I hope you don't have to worry about that for a LONG time and that Fattie has many years left in her :), which she obviously does!

    You don't like clingy things?! (pets, people)
    Yea..she's gone now :(, a little over two years ago I had to put her down. I have no idea what actually happened to her because it happened so fast. She wasn't eating, which was vey strange since she was a beagle mix and they love they food haha and then she started walking weird and looked really weak, so we brought her to the vet on a Saturday. By the time we got there it was too late to do any bloodwork, so we planned to bring her back the next day, but when we got back to the house, as she was just about at the stairs she just collapsed and couldn't get up....WORST feeling ever, it still bothers me to think about. So I spent the night awake with her hoping that she would live the night because I didn't want her to die like that. The next day as soon as the vet opened we put her down, since she wasn't going to live (my gf worked at a vet, so she knew).

    Aww thats so cute!!! So she was a little piggie when it came to her moms milk?! I'm glad you still have her since she was your mothers :). How old is she?!
    I have no idea what it means either haha I may listen to Jazz but I don't know much about the lingo! all I know is that it was originally spelled Jass :)

    So you know exactly what I mean! I'm glad your kitty isn't like that though, you lucked out and hit the jackpot with a nice kitty!! :D

    My dogs name was Sayde! Though her name when I got her was Mercedes, but I thought that was a terribly stupid name, so I shortened it to Cedes, and then changed it to Sayde :). I miss her so much, easily the smartest dog I've ever seen, and I could be biased, but I really think she was. She would learn things without needing to be taught really, she must've known like 100 words for treat...which made it difficult to talk about them haha

    Is your kitty's name actually Fattie?! :p
    There probably is! I have no idea though haha Jazz cats is just a term that's used in the Jazz world :).
    Yea...cats are mean haha but their attitude (or catittude) makes them so interesting! And you're not talking about yourself! at least your terms are reasonable :p unlike most felines

    I always find it funny that some cats will rub up against your hand, making you pet them, and when they've had enough, instead of just walking away they bite you! like you were forcing them into that cruel act haha
    Well that just means more Hedgies for you and me!!!! :D

    I want an army of them, and create the best jazz piano group ever!

    Jazz cats ain't nothing compared to Jazz hogs :)
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