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  • Never mind, I found them.

    I think the box arts are real and just not final.
    The Turtonator & Drampa pokedex images match the ones in the datamine perfectly, and up to that point those 2 pokedex entries hadnt been seen yet.
    do you have the 2 box arts on hand, there was something i was curious about
    I'll continue it here since we kinda deviated from the original topic of alola forms.

    I don't think your reasoning for him being on Akala makes sense. It basically boils down to "everyone else is on Akala, there are some buildings it could be" but that applies just as well to Mele Mele or Ula Ula.

    None of my theories have hard evidence either, mind, but I don't think it makes any sense to not showcase a single one of Mele Mele's leaders, especially when Mele Mele is having a heavy electric theme.
    The super high resolution map is so high res that it slows the thread to a crawl and actually crashed my chrome tab trying to load it alongside the rest of the site

    Could you link it next time?
    Hey jv sorry yeah plus backed so much and don't feel like even doing them tbh been getting not intreasted to be on serebii anymore
    I do need those both in dream balls so sure I can take a female one of each and whatever I have when I do check you can have that are spares
    its fine but you could of still messaged on my vm's silly :p anyway I normally only trade ha females for other ha females i need but if I have any spares that i was breeding randomly I can give them to you for free just to get out of my boxes. I will let message you back later on.
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