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JX Valentine
Jul 29, 2009
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The Party Bus

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JX Valentine

Ever-Discordant, from The Party Bus

    1. Happy Hydreigon
      Happy Hydreigon
      I imagine the fic starting with Tyler obtaining his first Pokemon:However,I don't think a starter Pokemon would be fitting for him,any ideas
    2. Happy Hydreigon
      Happy Hydreigon
      I do think that Tyler's goal will need some work if we want to make it work,it seems like he has traits of bonnie but i am set on making him different from her,but i sony know how,any suggestions
    3. TheSlowestKing
      I guess he didn't explain to you what it meant, even though he told me he did via Skype. Sorry for any misunderstandings and 2 isn't spam, gn.
    4. Happy Hydreigon
      Happy Hydreigon
      I apologise dearly,if it is not to much to ask,can we keep talking about the fan fiction idea
    5. TheSlowestKing
      Ask Harry, he knows.
    6. Happy Hydreigon
      Happy Hydreigon
      I noticed that my friend(TheSlowestKing) VMd and realised that he said to you to "give the MLG a Mega Lopunny".I told him about the fan fic idea at school,he said to give Zoe(nicknamed the MLG) a Mega Lopunny,he must have realised our messages and decides to tell you to give Zoe a Mega Lopunny.Hope that clears it up. :)
    7. TheSlowestKing
      Personally I think that the one that is the MLG should have a Mega Lopunny, just sayin'
    8. Happy Hydreigon
      Happy Hydreigon
      I didn't make that clear,Anna is not a Scientist,she is interested in the way Pokemon adapt to their environment,inspired by her Vivillon,which(as a Scatterbug) lived in a nest inside a small cave atop Snowbelle Mountain,Where her father's research facility is.She is kind of a journalist who writes down all interesting things she comes across.Which could lead to a good way to tell the story
    9. Happy Hydreigon
      Happy Hydreigon
      I could make Tyler a tiny bit older than I thought,which would allow him to be a trainer and we could make him a bit like Serena when he doesn't know which path to take as a trainer,inspired by all 3 trainers around him pursuing their goals
    10. Happy Hydreigon
      Happy Hydreigon
      Thanks for the comments on my fan fic-I was quite careless with my choice of words,I should elaborate:Anna(who just graduated from a top university in Kalos) is interested in her Pokemon with her and is inspired by her father's research(another researcher),Anna's dream is to become a scientist on her own 2 feet and wants to prove to her father that she can pursue her ambitions.Zoe is already a strong trainer but wants to become even stronger by taking on the Gyms around multiple regions,she is quite witty and has a lot of secrets worth exploring.It seems that these two are complete opposites,but they each fill in eachother's weak points,Anna teaches Zoe more about her Pokemon and Zoe teaches Anna more on the battling side of things.Luke is a Pokemon co-ordinator from Blackthorn City and is the younger brother of Clair,he can look at a Pokemon and see if they have potential for performing.Tyler is,like you said,kind of like Bonnie and I can't really think of things to do with him,I hope you can help me think of more character development as it seems you know a lot about this.I hope you will consider helping me with this fic as I am not really capable of thinking stuff like this up.

      Thank You,Happy Hydreigon
    11. Umbramatic
      Hello? You there?
    12. Ysavvryl
      Okay, thanks for checking!
    13. Ysavvryl
      Hello, I had a question on the Yuletide event. I'm pretty sure I sent in an application, but my email (yahoo) has been having lots of technical problems lately, so I don't know if it got in or the assignment email got lost. Was my entry received? I did sign up as a pinch hitter, which I'm still willing to do. If the assignment email got lost, please send it by PM here just in case, thanks.
    14. Umbramatic
      Er, one, did you see last VM?

      Two, you might want to check the ORAS contest thread.

      Third, I have a couple questions related to the above, mind if I PM them to you?
    15. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      I hope you don't mind me asking, but you had said a while ago that you would read the latest Obsession chapter...is that still on the table?
    16. Umbramatic
      Glad you think I have good taste in characters. X3

      I don't normally read Nuzlocke-y stuff but I may very well still read yours because it sounds interesting. :P

      As for me? Nothing planned for Lysandre (yet) but I'm planning a oneshot about N and Reshiram that's actually a sequel to this ol' Chesnaught chestnut.
    17. Umbramatic
      Hey, so before I respond to you in the Mafia...

      What is this Electric Sheep story you mentioned and where can I read it? Considering it involves both Lysandre and N and made you actually appreciate both it would be something I'd be very interested in reading. XD

      (For the record N is my fave human character in the series while Lysandre is one of my favorites of the "true" villains.)
    18. Midnightmoon6o2
      Hello JX. I was just wondering if I've sent my application for the Yuletide yet. I can't remember if I have. Thanks.
    19. The Great Butler
      The Great Butler
      Finished your review, finally.
    20. Umbramatic
      Not yet, but I definitely will.
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