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JX Valentine
Jul 29, 2009
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The Party Bus

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JX Valentine

Ever-Discordant, from The Party Bus

    1. Umbramatic
      Hey, saw your trimming-down and tweaking of my writeup of the next Quarterly Challenge, and actually wanted to say thanks! You did a nice job of making it more concise and clear while preserving both the point of the thing and the examples I wanted to put forth.

      But, er, is it OK if I make some minor recursive tweaks of my own to add some more "me" back to the trimmed-down part of the writeup without re-bloating it and making one example less redundant in comparison to another? ^_^;
    2. Umbramatic
      ...Did that one thing I mentioned about crossover ideas kill your desire to reply? ._.;
    3. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      Sounds close to how life has been for me. But, I've been well.

      And... damnit, I need to get back into writing! DX I do plan on continuing it, now that I have a general flow on what to do. Life, laziness and the pursuit of gaming has been over-riding my time. Soooo, I think I;m just gonna go start writing now. Like... start writing that story that PMD story that perked your interest. XD
    4. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      Hey Jax. How's life been?
    5. Umbramatic
      Soooooooooooo tl;dr the challenges are more meant to get writers out of their comfort zones and teach them how to handle things they wouldn't normally tackle? If so I've got a few initial ideas, but I'd probably need to run/refine them by you first and possibly try to cook up some better ones, so once I get the go-ahead I'll PM you to do exactly that!
    6. Umbramatic

      So, I have been tasked with the devilish plan of creating the next Quarterly Challenge! >:D

      However, when Pi assigned me the task, she wasn't sure what the rules for creating the challenge are, aside from that it should be, well, challenging, and have at least one extra-credit criteria. And I personally at least know it's not supposed to be too similar to past contest and challenge prompts. So, is there anything else I should know? And after that's cleared up, if you aren't too busy, mind if I run some ideas by you? >:P

      (Also, huge frigging thank-you for nominating solvino's "silly human romance is for Nidoran" for awards. It's adorable and stars chars of his I'm fond of.)
    7. Venia Silente
      Venia Silente
      Extra fun thought: the whole thing is caught on camera (the "black creature with one eye" hanging from the ceiling during the first "inside" scene). ^.^
    8. Griff4815
      It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. ;P
    9. Venia Silente
      Venia Silente
      JX: Thanks for the nominations on Silly human, romance is for Nidoran!. Admittedly that was completely unexpected for me - in particular I never ever thought it could fit into "comedy" until you pointed it out. :p
    10. Griff4815
      Hey, thanks for the nomination. Diamondpearl told me about it.
    11. Umbramatic
      Ah, so main thing timing matters for is you'll obviously only make the honor roll for the next Quarterly if you drop your fic before then. :P Am I good to go there, if you're able to say so?

      also that Mystery Mod™ is totally Dragonfree isn't it that oneshot's right up her alley

      And legendary in question is definitely sapient (though in a somewhat alien way), even if incomprehensible, so I'll stick with the they/their pronouns. (Especially since I've already personally nicknamed them Kendall. XD) I just wanted to know if doing it in response to another mod review was "cheating" in regards to my own.

      (And will get to PM myself in a bit.)
    12. Umbramatic

      Anyway, not relevant to our PM convo, but... I dunno if you've seen already but I actually punted out a response to the December 2015 Quarterly challenge a couple days ago, but was worried it was too late to answer the prompt even though the next Quarterly isn't out yet (and I learned from someone working on it it's been held up). After attempting to ask a couple other mods and getting no response, I figured they were busy or they wouldn't answer until next Quarterly drops... Then got curious and checked if the previous entries had gotten any acknowledgement... Then saw you reviewed American--Pi's, which kinda hinted to the answer to my previous question...

      ...But then I actually read your review, saw your note on humanlike pronouns with Articuno, and went, "oh crap, that's actually really important to a Legendary I headcanon as fully agender that's central to the story and really offensive/undermining in my portrayal of them" so I went and changed all the "it"s for thee character to they/their/etc. pronouns, (never like using "xir" and such because it admittedly reminds me too much of Futurama XD). I then realized however, it might count at "cheating" in deflecting criticism, so should I change it back? ^_^;
    13. Umbramatic
      ...Erm, hello?

      Yeah, just wanted to say I'm sorry my douchiness was part of what led you to lock that thread.

      ...I dunno what else to say. Not even why.
    14. Yagami Kyo
      Yagami Kyo
      It was more of a mometary thing, and I was actually going to edit the post with more specific commentaries about it. I didn't mean to look that way, so I must apologize. I guess I am not too used to forums after a long time away from one.

      Thank you very much for the warning, though.
    15. bobandbill
      Sigh, not another implosion... I'll get the broom.
    16. bobandbill
      If I ignore you now, does that mean I'm listening to you telling me to not listen to you?
    17. GingerDixie
      ...So. Is it bad that I knew the second I started reading my story that you were my Santa? I'm familiar enough with your writing to know that you don't capitalize Pokemon names. XD

      Regardless, thank you very much for the fic! I very much enjoyed the story of Oran Greenwood—second oldest Nuzleaf in the Greenwood family—and Lansat, and their adventures with Team Rosewood.
    18. Dragalge
      Merry Christmas!
    19. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Merry Christmas!
    20. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      I'm not blowing you off. It's just that what you're explaining isn't what I'm asking about. I run into this a LOT, where people say they're explaining something but it often has nothing to do with what I asked, then they declare that I MUST not want to learn.

      I know that not everyone would interpret what I said as a joke. But that's WHY I added the smiley. That's literally why smileys were invented. I would hope that would have made my intent more than clear, and apparent to everyone.

      Look, I appreciate the attempt but this is giving me some serious issues. If you want to discuss this further, I have Skype and it would be better to move there.
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