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JX Valentine
Jul 29, 2009
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The Party Bus

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JX Valentine

Ever-Discordant, from The Party Bus

    1. ChampionZ
      Also, I forgot to mention this, if you can show me a non-legendary electric pokemon that can realistically fly Elesa across regions, i will replace Pidgeot. I also know that Caitlin is a strong trainer on her own, and I know the sleeping thing is a taunt, but I just figured that that is the only way I could make my story work out... I mean, its a fan FICTION, its not going to be exactly like the real thing. Im sorry if I sound offended, im not. You really helped. I just wanted to explain some things. Thanks a lot!!!
    2. ChampionZ
      Well, that was really what I wanted to hear. Thank you. I know it has flaws, and I need to work on them. PS The reason he was knocked out was so that it flowed better. I mean, do you really want to hear about all of that? That would take chapters. I made sure to note it was mentioned he was out for a while. You can build gates and walls in a few days. I probablly shouldve noted it was not some foretress, just enough to keep people in. But anyways, grammatical errors will happen, and its my first fanfic, so give me some slack. I really dont recall adding in all of that cursing, it does seem overused. Also, Josh's specialty is Electric types. Why cant he own other pokemon, though? I understand what you were saying, and thank you for the feedback.
    3. ChampionZ
      Whats wrong with my fanfic?
    4. bobandbill
      ...I'm not sure why you thought of that but I am okay with capturing all the world's apples for world domination. =p

      And... I didn't get drunk. =p (Partly due to a lack of alcohol at home two floors away from a fridge at the time and a lack of liking for any real taste for it anyway atm but that's me).

      Yeah, it's from the same guys as Ace Attorney so the story is certainly up to scratch. And...well spoilers may be cool but the biggest one would kinda hurt the replay value thing if you already know about it. =( But it didn't involve clowns like that, I can say that much.

      I see, so you work on it a no-fun o'clock then!
    5. bobandbill

      And yes, it is. Although I am staying up atm because uni again on monday so this is my last day to STAY UP VERY LATE without bad stuffs.

      And, well, okay, seeing I finished it yesterday. Basically, you start off as dead and with no memory so you have to go about saving people with your powers and you have a time limit while figuring out who you are and then ALL THE PLOT TWISTS and then EVEN MORE PLOT TWISTS and then at the very very end EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE and you have to play it again to go AHA I UNDERSTAND THIS PART NOW and it's amazing go play it aaaaaa.

      But noooo you read spoilers I hope they are not that major bcause they are half the amazement =(

      What is this second job again and what makes it so second. =p
    6. Phantom Kat
      Phantom Kat
      Bill. With tentacles.

      Lanette would have killed him in a second if Adam had turned Bill into THAT. xD
    7. bobandbill

      Sleep sounds good. =p I am fine, just doing forum stuff/reading/continuing to discover what a wonderful game Ghost Trick is before lunch and karate. And yourself?
    8. bobandbill
      Well they mentioned you when they talked to me. =p
    9. bobandbill
      Meanwhile, bobandbill is probably one of the most chill people you can ever talk to. You should totally go talk to him because he's usually up for a conversation with random people. (*flees before he reads this~!*)

    10. eeveegirl810
      I see. Haha niiiiice.

      I watched all of the episodes dubbed and both movies, but I'd like to watch the original. Well I just posted chapter one of my cardcaptors fan fiction. It has a whole new cardcaptor and everything. I only could post chapter one but I finished chapter nine earlier. My fav card varies between power and mirror :)
    11. はるひ
      oooh okay.

      i was gonna ask if you seen the final part to the Giratina story thingy?
    12. はるひ
      hey i have another question :p
    13. eeveegirl810
      I'm friends with... Drew I believe is the user name. It was funny, a couple of days ago I went to message BobandBill just to say hello, I typed up my message, but then I just went away from the page, where it wouldn't send the message. Anyways, have you ever heard of Card Captors/ Card captor Sakura?
    14. eeveegirl810
      Yeah...thats kinda how I think of it.

      But I do have a mod friend on pokecommunity...actually a super mod, or at least tha'ts what I they're called.....the ones with the orange user names.
    15. eeveegirl810
      Why am I always nerves to talk to mods and stuff? I always wonder...
    16. eeveegirl810
      I like some of the pictures, but I wish they'd let us use pictures from our computer or put in the link of a picture to use the picture, like PokeCommunity, and bulbagarden.
    17. eeveegirl810
      *high fives*

      haha okay then. I find your avatar veeeeeeeeeeeery funny.
    18. はるひ
      I understand. I guess I failed my point in the story :[

      I only wanted people to feel sorry for her.
    19. はるひ
      Well I dont quite understand. I mean, I made sure that I did the thing perfectly like everyone else's.

      i thought that people would like dark stories. I kinda just added my own spin to it. have you read the review?
    20. はるひ
      well the story I was going I was trying to make the reader feel sorry for the main character and the review written stook to me as if they were horrfied by the story.
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