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JX Valentine
Jul 29, 2009
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The Party Bus

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JX Valentine

Ever-Discordant, from The Party Bus

    1. はるひ
      is it bad that a reader feels frightened by my story?
    2. はるひ
      hey can i ask something?
    3. eeveegirl810
      Happy Fourth of July!
    4. eeveegirl810
      Okay. No problem, everyone's been saying that they've been having problems with PC, but I haven't had any... yet
    5. Dragonfree
      Great, now I'm imagining myself regularly stirring up epic shitstorms by viciously reviewing every fanfic posted on every Pokémon forum for a month. (Which is kind of hilarious considering the time when Yami had a fit about me never reviewing anything.)

      It actually used to be so half of the members of my forums didn't know there was a website attached. Haven't seen that in a while, though.
    6. Dragonfree
      Because you linked to your new LJ in the horror thread I started reading it like the nosy person I am and now I'm curious about what my BNF entry in your fandom guide says. Does it liberally poke fun at my love for writing the same fic over and over again? :D

      (ohgod am I a BNF what I don't feel like one.)
    7. Diddy
      I actually thought the animation in the clip was really good, it was a bit different from what I've seen before.

      It's just, there was a weird *** transformation scene, a LOT of guns that appeared from nowhere and there was cake everywhere. Then they shoot a weird doll thing and it vomits death.

      Actually gave me a pretty good idea though.

      I'm scared of exploring anime, it seems for a good reason. The only reason I ended up watching Higurashi and Elfen Lied is because someone linked me to a few videos and told me it was good and I'd probably like it.
    8. eeveegirl810
      I finally edited that story, the first chapter was "Meeting Bella". Well its now "Meeting Violet" but anyways I posted it on PC. Its so much better this way than in script form.
    9. D. Scott
      D. Scott
      Oh, speaking of 70s kid's stuff: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The original. Do you remember the scene on the boat in the tunnel? Slightly disturbing images in the background, coupled with Wonka starting to sing, slowly picking up in speed and loudness until he's virtually screaming?

      Now that **** is nightmare fuel.
    10. D. Scott
      D. Scott
      I actually didn't get to sleep 'til 6:00 in the morning. D:

      I actually youtube'd the first episode of Lidsville. Doesn't seem like something all that creepy. Just... odd. I am ninety-five percent sure drugs were involved in its creation.
    11. D. Scott
      D. Scott
      Ayaiyaiyai... I hate you. Read your whole blog post you linked to in the "What Makes Horror?" thread, and more importantly read Candle Cove. Whoever wrote that was a genius. Friggin'. genius.
    12. Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb
    13. bobandbill
      Hurrah for sanity!

      Today I have finished my semester uni exams! Hopefully I passed them all! And then I went out to dinner with friends to celebrate, and shall be on a road trip next week so FUN TIMES.
    14. bobandbill
      Ah, okay, cheers for letting me know. Hopefully she gets it fixed then!

      How goes stuff btw?
    15. eeveegirl810
      So far I only have a digimon fan fiction up,but I will be posting a pokemon fan fic at some point.
    16. eeveegirl810
      Aahh.I'm doing much better with writing than I was then.
    17. eeveegirl810
      Niice.I remember somebody with the user name JX Valentine reviewing my Unown story on Pokecommunity.
    18. eeveegirl810
      *scratches head*Don't I know your user name frome some where?....PC?
    19. Breezy
      Oh, baby, I'm here all night long and probably tomorrow morning to eat your food.

      You totally should. I totally should to. But then I look at the stories and go "meh, tomorrow!" Those fun little snide comments totally make reviewing fun though and amusing to read from an outside perspective.
    20. Diddy

      But nothing happened.
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