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JX Valentine
Jul 29, 2009
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The Party Bus

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JX Valentine

Ever-Discordant, from The Party Bus

    1. Breezy
      A good writer throws in things like salt and carrots and chicken. You're throwing in chocolate and chicken and staples.
      Oh Jax, you make me snort in surprise.
    2. Neko Godot
      Neko Godot
      So I see you posted in that announcements thread so that you're the first username everyone sees when they go on the forums. :P

      Also, you don't come on IRC anymore. :O
    3. matt0044
      After much thought, I deleted my threads in The Author's Cafe since I was annoying everyone. Please excuse me for taking pre-cautions.

      And about that thing about cities taking place in a number (big or small) of my fanfic's chapters in a row, well... I got nothing to say but I'm going through with it. It might not appeal to you but I don't intend to spend too much time in a Unovan cities. Just enough to show all the sights and squeeze out some stories from me.
    4. Karpi
      Heh I figured it was okay for me to make sarcastic comments toward that guy and his mountain of threads about the fanfic that doesn't exist!
    5. matt0044
      Okay, take your time.
    6. matt0044
      Could you read and review my fanfic, Pokemon Adventures: Black & White?
    7. The Great Butler
      The Great Butler
      The chat's back up.
    8. D. Scott
      D. Scott
      A fan of inuscreepystuff, are we? :3 Loved that site for forever. fyeahpokemoncreepypasta has had some DECENT stories on it, but Inu's always definitely had the best.
    9. disclaimer065
      Perhaps, but seeing as the Fan Fiction rules state a drabble as thus:
      A rather odd form in which you basically try to keep the word count as low as possible, aiming for under a page long.
      I'm not too concerned about it. I personally am not going to be writing drabbles (by any definition) outside of this fandom, so it doesn't really affect me.

      I hope I don't sound snobby (I have the unfortunate habit of doing so) about this.
    10. Dragonite Ernston
      Dragonite Ernston
      Wow. Seems like Bulbagarden is more of a back-alley than I realize.

      I originally had the same feeling about PokéCommunity - it felt too much like a private school.
    11. disclaimer065
      In the strictest sense of the term, yes. However, it is also commonly used to refer to something written with the intention of being as short as possible.

      Either way, at 119 words, it wasn't far off the mark.
    12. Dragonite Ernston
      Dragonite Ernston
      Just out of curiosity, why aren't you at Bulbagarden? It seems to be the case with all the "more hardened and experienced writers" I was talking about in the capitalization convention thread - you, Dragonfree, etc.

      We could really use some help XD
    13. Diddy
      Oh yes definitely... whilst Celio watched

      What they just reminded me off, rather suddenly, are the xkcd (I'll assume everyone on the internet has seen at least of these) comic strips, the ones that are about love and relationships and aren't trying to be funny. Little, short bits of scene that give a certain insight into what's going on.
    14. Diddy
      Got bored, read some of your stuff on FF.net but this from Capricorn and Cancer:

      "I'm sorry, Lanette, but just I don't think it's right," he said, and when she tried to object by reminding him that they were still unmarried but had already made love before, he replied, "Well, yes, but on Bebe's desk?"
    15. The Great Butler
      The Great Butler
      Oh, you meant you were reading from XD^1? It's not my proudest work...
    16. The Great Butler
      The Great Butler
      I deleted the post because I was advised it was better not to directly answer her.

      Thanks for going back over my story again...
    17. ESPNfanatic35
      Hey JX, how's it going? Thank you again for taking time to review my fic. I made sure to take a lot of your advice. I changed my Giovanni quite a bit and I fixed things that didn't make sense when it came to canon. I'm 14 chapters into my fic now and I'm posting the 15th chapter here soon. If you don't mind, I would love another review from you since you were so helpful. I'll be glad to keep commenting on Anima Ex Machina. Here's the link: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=436106
    18. Agonist
      oh damn where have i been lol, kk ill check it out
    19. Aladar
      No prob and thanks.
    20. Aladar
      Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I did take seriously your review and that long break between chapters was just 'cause school was well these past few months. I wrote a part of the chap evey day the last week and dedicated time every day to proofread what I had written the day before.

      If you're interested I'd love it if you review chap 9 of PLX. And do you have any suggestions who I can ask to be my beta?
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