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JX Valentine
Jul 29, 2009
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The Party Bus

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JX Valentine

Ever-Discordant, from The Party Bus

    1. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Yes and I said that I wasn't doing so! I wasn't making fun of the reviewers or anything else! And I'm SO SICK of people saying that I must not want things explained just because I don't understand them after a few tries. If I didn't want things explained I WOULDN'T CONTINUE TO EXPRESS CONFUSION.
    2. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Yeah I don't understand where you're getting this from. I don't think that calling ONE thing silly and minor could be seen as blowing off reviewers who had a lot of notes on a lot of things. That's not "what they're pointing out" other than one single point--a point that, as I said, goes against every use I've ever seen.

      This is ONE point and you're somehow making it about all of the reviews and everything they had to say. And that makes me MORE confused because that conclusion has nothing to do with anything that I said or implied.

      This is really just making things worse so I would appreciate it if you didn't bring this up again at all. I even told you that it was making me uncomfortable.
    3. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      But I'm trying to listen. And while it may not be the most respectful thing, it's also not DISrespectful, in any way. The only thing I was poking fun at was that it showed up in all of their reviews. I mean look at the feedback I've gotten on Obsession. You know how I react to in-depth reviews even when they point out flaws. When I disagree with something I may or may not say so but it's also not a big deal when I do.

      And I also don't think I'm making things "hella uncomfortable for a reviewer". I'm asking about it and then I made a joke. That's all there is to it. And then when I get a barrage of longer messages about it...well, that makes ME uncomfortable. Especially because this only furthers how much is going on that I don't understand. Now there's a whole new topic that I don't understand.
    4. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Yeah and thus now I can't figure out why YOU'RE making such a huge deal out of it. I'm confused about why this was brought to by any of them, much less by all of them, because I've never known "ok" to be incorrect in any way. And now it seems I can't even poke fun at that without it being seen as a big issue--which makes me MORE confused.
    5. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      No it didn't. I asked if you saw the joking face. That's also face value.

      And why you brought up that the judges hadn't seen what the others wrote confuses me. Like...I know that already. It was just funny that they all zeroed in on this one extremely minor thing that's used in everyday writing all the time. I never thought there was...idk, a conspiracy or anything. It was just funny and more than a little confusing.
    6. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Yes, I'm aware of that. I think you're reading too much into what I said though.
    7. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      It was more a comment about how that one thing was brought up by all the judges when it was a silly, minor thing to begin with.
    8. Blackjack Gabbiani
      Blackjack Gabbiani
      Haha I know. Did you see the :P there?
    9. The Teller
      The Teller
      Thanks for the info!
    10. TheCharredDragon
      Oh, I see. It's all right. No harm done. Really? Thanks! :) The traits? Uh... I kind of forgot like half of what I wrote, but either way, I didn't intend for a trap. X/ But I am not surprised at the same time... So yes, a copy would be nice because I deleted mine for space and I didn't think the thread would get deleted. That, and so I can edit it. XP
    11. TheCharredDragon
      Uh... I don't know if it's just my connection, or that it's really gone, but the thread for the rewrite of the "Advice for Aspiring Authors" is gone.
    12. GingerDixie
      Damn it Jax, I am playing Ingress now because of your talking about it on Skype and it is so fun where has this game been my whole life.
    13. SilentMemento
      Oh, wait, happy belated birthday, Jax!
    14. Dragalge
      Happy birthday!
    15. Sike Saner
      Sike Saner
      Oh hey heads up: gonna be out of the house tonight so idk if I'll make it to the chat this time around.
    16. Sike Saner
      Sike Saner
      Hell yeah. 8D
    17. Sike Saner
      Sike Saner
      Ugh have I mentioned what a good idea opening completeds to comments was because holy flurking shnit that was a good idea
    18. diamondpearl876
      I'm glad, especially since my graphics knowledge is limited. XD

      Hey, it's okay, it happens. xD As a mod I'm sure you're busy watching over all fics, and then, of course, there's real life. :P At any rate, the sequel won't be released until I've finished posting the edits of the original, so there's time :~)
    19. diamondpearl876
      Thanks for your comments on the graphic I made! It means a lot! Not sure if you fully read the original SP, but I'm quite excited for the sequel to be released as well. XD
    20. Liltwick
      *high fives back* I have been procrastinating horridly and only have 1.8k words done. I plan on binge writing this week though, so hopefully I can get up to at least 10k by the end of it (the week).

      Ugh we need to set a time so we can just write and complain and blargh like old time's sake.
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