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JX Valentine

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  • Hi! I'm just VMing you because I just caught up reading your fanfic, Electric Sheep, and love it. I don't know what your future plans are for it, but I just thought that I would say hello and let you know that I'm a big fan of your writing! :)
    YO *Gives a big hug* Thank you SO much for the Yuletide fic! It was absolutely perfect :) I loved the snarkiness of the "trainer" and the Japanese lore of the Yuki-onna included in the first story, and of course I absolutely loved that you included a Team Aqua Grunt :D Everything was so amazing; thanks so much, and have a very merry Christmas!!
    No worries! I'd be the first one to explain to people the concept of "being busy IRL". (And even if you weren't busy, I don't take things like that personally xP).

    Your fic is honestly to goodness a strong story. It's the laser-tight focus on a few characters (I feel like I know Bill, Adam, Lanette, Domino, Nettle, and Bill's dad so well), the pacing of action within chapters (like the confrontation between Bill and Lanette, or the fact that you waited four chapters for the ixodida attack because you prioritized development), the attention to detail like the D.E.V.A. reports, that bring everything together. So even if you never get back to the story, I'm just glad I'm reading it (at least, I was reading it. I can't really resume until after finals, rip). But thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Because the fact that I haven't worked on it in weeks, or anything else for this site --- and that my next 2 writing assignments are for class; one is a memoir and the other is a high-concept story about seeing the truth in others and coping with mental illness; neither of which would spark much interest in a Pokemon forum --- has made me feel just the slightest bit of hopelessness. So to circle back, thanks!
    Jax :D! I hope you've been well and enjoying sun and moon (if you got them)! I've been suffering from horrible writer's block D:

    [Also I low-key want to write an AU Gijinka fic where all the Ultra Beasts are super heroes. Their official art just makes them look like em]
    Oh, almost forgot! I read chapter seven today and it might be my favorite one yet. A lot is going one but you're balancing it well. I'm honestly surprised that Manectric didn't kill Bill (no pun intended, despite it being my favorite Tarantino film). Anyway, I probably won't update you periodically because that would be annoying and I'm here to make fwendssss
    That's fine. The fact that you're capable of finishing a fic is much better than what I could promise. I wanna bring my old one back for the 4th---and LAST---attempt, but for now I'm just planning and making decisions based on issues I had with trying to write (the biggest being chapter length, which was too taxing) and tricks to keep me interested (less melodrama, more surreal elements, playing with structure). For now, though, I'm gonna focus primarily on one-shots to grease the wheels. I'm starting with an entry for that contest due at the end of the month. I already know the topic (humans vs. Pokémon and the consequences of war). So as you can see, I'm pretty excited to get back into it. Hopefully I find the time, those gosh darn midterms and papers aren't very understanding. Man, I can't wait a second longer to graduate and be done with homework.
    Hey there, jax, long time no speak! Not sure if you remember me from years past, but I'm trying to get back into writing, and I figured the best way to do that is to get back into reading, and the best way to do that is to pick up where I left off on AEM... except, of course, that I forgot a lot of details so I started over. Anyway, I'm VMing you to say OMG I forgot how good this story is. Your command of language and tone is breathtaking. How you go from comical to horrifying to angst-y in a chapter without messing up the transitions is a mystery all on its own. I just read chapter three, and I look forward to reading more tomorrow, and I'm so glad to be back. Hopefully I can contribute this time around :p
    Jaaax when can you hop onto discord again? I'd like to have a brainstorm session whenever possible.
    [Ten Days later qq. I'm Prince Lit over on Discord.

    Anyways I'm working on fiction! Astronomy-inspired road trip Slice of Life xd]
    Well, and Im even *more* into Stardew Valley cuz I kinda custom modded the main character to look like Melody sooooo.... (I also modded Jas to look like Norea and I have a tendency to follow her around town for a few minutes whenever I see her because her up-walk animation is really cute because it has this really cute tail-swish animation, and I just... Er...)

    Also, FFXIV dropped a new content update today, so there goes my afternoon. Well, and I have a Pathfinder game to run tonight! That'll eat 4 hours. Its fun though.

    Well, and Ive done 9 fetish chapters on dA, and most of those are some of my most popular works. I should do more, but Im simply not as interested in writing as I am in drawing anymore. No, but seriously, even a single 5-10 page chapter would get you attention fast. I mean, Kompera's stuff isnt exactly the highest quality (above par when it comes to fetish stuff though, granted), and neither is mine (definitely not), so even without trying Im sure you'd do well. It'd be something to consider doing on the side. Its a lot of fun to write and its cool to see how many people like what youre into. (And Id be curious to see it too - good fetish writing is hard to come by.)
    Im familiar with Notalwaysright, haha, worry you not. Though I do wish I could remember my horror stories from OfficeMax; all I can seem to remember is vague, nonspecific internal screaming.

    I wonder if I'll be able to do that eventually too, but atm, I havent been doing any reading, which, I know, how terrible for a bookseller, right? Ive just been too busy with art and FFXIV & Stardew Valley. I bought the Hatsune Mix manga and read that! But I dont think that actually counts, lol

    Heh, well, also admittedly the only reason I made that much was through my TF Marri! donation sequence and it was just one really devout guy donating to it over and over, so much so than he made up $320 of the total donations. I actually haven't had any non-friend commissions through the whole summer. Which is disheartening. But still. The donation sequence is a valid way of making money, I just cant do it all the time. My TF Marri! sequence is coming close to a close soon, and Ill have to wait a while before doing another.

    Well, even writing fetishy stuff is really good if you're good at, I mean, look at Comper A (er, KomperaKlause now). They're super big and make bank off of written commissions and their Patreon. (Patreons something I need to do soon too, I just kinda wait until I have a little more attention - empty Patreons are just sad...)
    30% of books and 50% of starbucks coffee? Yeah, that's pretty sweet. Lunch at work is pretty cheap, and honestly, who else can have a venti starbucks drink for $2.67? Legit. But none of that matters too much. The managers are super nice (and theyre only getting nicer now that Im showing I can pull my weight), and the workers are pretty nice too. Customers generally aren't too bad, I mean, who comes into a bookstore upset? Okay, well, maybe a few people, but definitely not as many as I had at OfficeMax. So thats good. Corporate's nicer too.

    Made about $700 over the summer (admittedly, a good portion of that is my friends paying me to draw their pathfinder characters, but...... $400 of that was made with my nsfw account, so Im proud of that.)
    Well, I have made it official. Not with another chapter, but a break in the silence that has been 1 year and 9 months overdue. :)
    Thanks! Although, again, pretty lateral move, tbh. I mean, less pay and less hours, but the environment's better? So thats cool. And I guess im making more art money now, so no /real/ loss...
    Not a problem!

    [I sent you a request. HOPE WE CAN HAVE MANY WILD CONVERSATIONS AGAIN. Oh yeah I want to be an author now and I've improved a lot]
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