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JX Valentine

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  • Happy Birthday to us Jax! I miss talking to ya D:

    [I saw you got Discord via friend suggestions, ya mind me adding you?]
    I haven't had any ideas, but I have been constantly editing this one shot I remade in 2014. I may post it in the Fan Fiction thread yet its original version is already up there, so I may ask one of the mods to take down the original one as it had a lot of errors. And good for you though to have a job, but what is your new job? I tend to do poetry from time to time, but I mostly do art nowadays. And I'm minoring in Art as I'm majoring in something Biology related.

    And aren't you majoring in English or anything regarding that?
    I'm fine, all I've been doing is drawing constantly. By the way, I'm amazed by how fast these years have gone by. Since I met you in my freshman year (back in 2012 I think), and now I'm preparing for college. Do you feel the same way?
    Saw your note on tone with newbie, fixed the sentence in question; is it better now? If so I'll apologize and point out the edit to him.
    its fine no worries I haven't had any trouble anymore which it was just from the hiccup which it never double posted nor it accepted as a post so all good here ^_^ and thanks for responding :p and its okay if it was late because everything is fine now :3
    hey jx I just wanted to make sure the forums I think is still having hiccups because I try to click on the pokemon go section to post and then it keeps going to server maintenance. I just hope it didn't have me double post which if I did I can't delete it.
    It's fine. XD totally not why I added the other question. I'm not that rude, no, not at all. :D

    As for Go, I went with team Mystic. Always had a soft spot for that majestic bird. Or... thought it was more majestic than Moltres.

    And yes, yes we should. Been all too long since we've had those hangouts that almost always devolved to games or random talks. As for my own writing, I'd like to say I'm that, but I'm so out of practice, I'm not quite sure where on the spectrum I fall. But, actually doing it will show me.

    That also doesn't surprise me you have an Ask Bill. :p But, that does sound like a busy, busy schedule.
    I was indoctrinated into Go from friends, family and work. Not complaining but been taking up some of my time. Otherwise, just kinda been doing lots of games and work. Though, as before, I should really try and get back to writing... been untouched for months again.
    Hellllllo Jax. Been a long while since we've chatted. How've you been?

    And it's clearly impossible to tell what's been claiming your life lately. :p
    Is it alright if I create a "Funny PokeSpot Location" thread. I encountered a couple that made me laugh a bit and I'm sure we all have seen one that at least made us say "Haha didn't expect that to be a PokeSpot!"?
    Ah, right, sorry. Previous message will be redacted, sorry for the inconvinience.

    (We need to figure out a better way to work past stuff like this though, but that's best saved for after you work, focus on that if that's the case.)
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