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JX Valentine

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  • Er, right, sorry about that, your tone kinda sounded like you were questioning my intent so I kinda felt I had to explain.
    Pretty much the opposite of the "no" situation: This fic, Rude Awakening, is the oneshot I was writing specifically for the challenge before RL screwed me over back in April, and now I'm getting back to working on it after a few months I'm realizing it's shaping up to be pretty long and best split into chapters. Would that be OK?
    Hey! Tried asking Pi this but she seemed to have missed it or be unable to answer it for whatever reason, so... under the new system for the FFQ could you potentially submit a chapterfic for a prompt?

    Since I'm FINALLY getting back to Rude Awakening and assessing my options part of me feels it might be better off as a short chapterfic rather than the long oneshot it was initially shaping up to be.
    I need some help. I can't post an image, it says "Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn't contain forbidden words."
    Are there any requirements to post images?
    Hello again!

    I was wondering if you could perhaps put a list of members in the OP for each team in the three threads (Team Instinct, Team Valor, and Team Mystic)? It could perhaps be helpful to keep track of which member is in which team.
    Alright, I'll get around doing it tonight once I return back from work. And, yes, it'll require a spreadsheet sure. Once I've had a decent bit of time on it, I'll get back to you. :)
    I have a suggestion, not as good as the last one, but this might help. Since basic Pokemon come at different CP, can we have a page/thread where we can see what range of CP does a particular Pokemon come in? Like For example, Ratatta is around 14-44(Rough estimate). This would help those who are powering up Pokemon and only use the Pokemon with higher CP. Unless, every Pokemon has a fixed CP. Like regardless of what CP you catch the Ratatta, it will anyway max out at 55.
    Yes, I'm already worried. I haven't reached level5 and so many glitches are coming my way. Thank you for accepting the suggestion. Glad I could help. :)
    Hello, I see, you are making most of the Go threads. Could we probably have one where one can post all the varios glitches and a common solution to them? I tried to find one but i could not and waiting for someone to help you with the glitch can sometimes get a little annoying, given the excitement.
    Ah, geez, I feel you, busy schedules are rough. Good to hear you might be able to chat with me this weekend tho, I have some fun things to bring up.
    Noted on all counts; tried to add what I thought was your Skype, but no response, so I'll just leave here mine is umbra.matic .
    Oh, hey, how available via PM are you? There's some stuff I've been meaning to show/ask you but I know you can be slow. XD I tried adding you on Skype too, if that works better.
    Oh, wow, really? Haha, I really was worried my humor explaination fell flat, so that's really appreciated. xD

    (And I am strangely glad I had a recent Tumblr post that added to one of your examples near-literally. :p)

    I AM a bit worried I scared The Teller off, though.
    So I was intending to leave a review on The Teller's entry to last Quarterly before RL screwed me over but you beat me to it but I left one anyway and I wanted to make sure it didn't **** all over yours in certain ways.
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