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JX Valentine

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  • I accept that criticism is there. Do I change from it? To be honest, no I'm not going to unless you dig deep. But I am listening and understanding what your saying. Saying rape jokes is bad, fine. I admitted that. I also admitted many of your other points. Being mature enough to understand the other side. And to be honest, yeah, I probably will avoid rape jokes much more now. I don't understand how you believe that your criticism has not gotten through to me. I may still believe in not restricting myself that much, but I'm not ignoring what you're saying. I feel like what I'm saying is being ignored. :/...

    Okay fine, I give up. Your right when you say that it may hurt them signifgantly. But in the future, when I can do something for rapes besides feeling bad, you'll see I'm not such a horrible person. Just because I am not holding back my words for people I don't know doesn't mean I don't care about them. I can act on their behalf, I can sympathize with them, I can get angry at those who treat her's or his's like its nothing. (And I mean ones that openly belittle the victims own experience after being told about it.) I can still do shiz for them, and I can still feel and want to do things for them even if I don't hide my words.

    I still don't agree that it's more mature, but whatever. To me, a person that wants to know deeply how their wrong cares more about the argument then the person that just shrugs it off and walks away. I've taken this new knowledge youve given me and Im going to use it in my own way. Something that would of not come out of it if I just stopped responding.
    Oh and for whatever use it is, I'll forward you my story. It's useless because it doesn't really help me, but I feel like it anyway. I've gotten over it...
    ...But then I don't have the answer. If I walk away and ignore it, i don't get the answer, the right way. I don't get all the juicy details that would help me understand the problem at hand. If I walk away without the understanding upon why I am wrong, then I will ignore your advice, and this fight is useless, takes up space, and doesn't do anything but leave a bad taste in each others mouths. Effectively making the criticism useless.

    I consider walking away much more pathetic then continuing on. I want to learn. Every little detail...its why when I lost myself in your argument, I asked you to simplify your points. So I could continue to understand. Because despite my opposition to your points, I still do care to learn them. I'm only opposing them because i believe differently.

    If they're going to ignore you, then at least say something like "Oh, I understand. Thank you." Or something. That way I understand that they know. But just to walk away...
    I admit that stating rape joke does cause relapses. They do hurt people...

    What I mean is that even though its hurtful, I don't mean it to hurt them. If they are so hurt by it, then they can come to me. They can talk to me. I can sympathize, I've been in a situation similar too it.
    What I can't sympathize with and understand is the is the idea of restricting yourself for the sake of others on one word. I just sent a friend this after showing her my little "scenario."

    "...Yet, I personally don't understand how someone could expect another person to restrict themselves like that.
    Do people really expect me to not say anything? The internet is a horrible place. Filled with people that are sarcastic, cruel, annoying, unrespecting of opinion... Full of lies that go around constantly. I don't understand how a person, could possibly in their right mind, expect someone to restrict themselves on a place like this. I've gotten into fights only about that. I begged these people to stop being so rude, but they just told me to shut up because they didn't think I was the only one with a moral standard. That was the last straw. Instead, I decided to work for myself and my emotions. If people are really that bothered by it, I'm nice dude, I can listen and understand what they're say.

    :/...Even if they jump at me because of an emotional blast...
    I understand that even more! I do that ALL THE TIME.

    But to attack me constantly without the understanding that I do care is ridiculous. I'm only gonna care when you want me to care or I'm in the mood to care. If you ask me to care, then I will suddenly be in the mood to care. Its simple. So...simple..."

    I do want to say I'm sorry By the way.

    For whatever I did, I am sorry. If sorry doesn't cut it, then you can ignore this post. But I am TRYING to understand what your saying, and until I understand exactly what in my words I'm saying is flawed, then I'm not gonna change my mind...
    *le sigh*....

    The amount of pressure on me from the amount things respond to is ridiculous. If you wish for me to respond and understand what you're saying, then I ask POLITELY for you to simplify (IE, shorten) your points. Simplify what you want out of me, and I'll do it...

    And that second to last line pisses me off. To say that I'm going to sit here and not defend What I thought of what I said is ridiculous. If I thought it was joke, then I will say I thought it was a joke. If I say I thought of it this way, then I say I thought of it this way. I'm still perfectly fine with accepting what you have to say as valid. I'm listening and responding. If i didn't accept the criticism, then I would of walked away and not responded at all. I'm listening to your side here about my way of doing things and viewing things. Which IS personal.

    I really haven't had that much trouble with the way do things to be honest. There's only one person I KNOW that has a problem with how I do things. And that's you. Oh, and my parents. But they're critical with everything I do anyway...Just like many parents.
    Otherwise I've never really ran into trouble with people about the way I do things (Its all been small, little things. Not like this.)...Your logic makes sense, but experiences tell me otherwise. And that's how my opinion is formed. :/...
    other than that, hows as your day? I can say that I'm back to being... by myself again. But hey at least I don;t get anything for it.
    It was only a relationship where one clearly wants to be the leader. I mean the slapping thing only happened once in this verse and doesn't happen again and I'm not saying that to get in or out of anyone's good graces, I'm saying that because I wanted that to happen. (oh and since the character I am using is a person of her word in my headcanon...) Plus, Mars apologized at the end for what she did since in this verse, she, even if she was upset, would never intentionally hurt Ariana, especially knowing her situation at work with another executive.

    I guess I'm trying to say that it's not all what it seems. I will say that I wanted the scene to happen as well.
    I'm not asking if you hate me or anything because I haven't done that in like.... forever now lol I'm certainly am not a kid anymore, even though I'm still .like... not in my mid 20s but moving on lol

    I think that I only have written one relationship was that... controlling and that was in my ginjnka verse. Other than that, I mix and match now; And yes, I wanted to do a story NOT about battling or my OC team and it was the holidays so was in the mood to do a light hearted story that had a problem and solution of course..
    Hey you went to my dA account! :D Yesterday was my birthday, but all of us heard of my younger sister's friend's death. He died by asthma. Anyways, I am drafting my next story with Ethan and Lyra. I am 70% done, but I'm barely writing adjectives and I am using active sentences, like "Steelix lashed his tail against Chikory." and "as she collided with the wall."

    I am writing this in first person for Lyra in this prologue, but I'm typing it later. Now I am currently writing the part Ethan gets to train Lyra after he is sympathetic over her not using her potential as her Pokemon felt sad for her commands. It was a flashback that took place 2 months ago in March, though the Steelix battle was yesterday, before her birthday.

    That's something I've noticed as well, and it really does bother me that films have to rely on blood, intestines, and cheap jump scares to get that reaction out of the public. It bothers me that classic characters like Patrick Bateman have been shunted to the side in favor of the Michael Myers archtype. And it most certainly bothers me that the collective amount of common sense of the characters in a slasher film is the equivalent of a single-celled organism. Yeah, I can get behind the George Romero and the Alien/Predator films (not Alien vs. Predator), but that's because they perfectly capture the mental and psychological terror of those situations, not because of any amount of gore.

    I agree completely about the xenomorph, and I'd like to add the Predators and the Thing to that category as well. There's no fear that's quite like that of the hunter becoming the prey, and there's nothing like knowing that you can't trust anything you see.

    Foreign films? Hmm...I may have to check some of them out. :) I have to agree about the older films as well; Alfred Hitchcock, in particular, was a master at psychological horror. I only wish that I had an ounce of his talent.

    Films that I like? Oh, man. Alien (all four), Predator (the first two), and The Thing (the original, not the remake) are at the top of my list, although there's a fairly recent candidate that I love: Shutter Island. I love psychological horror more than anything; I love it when films make me think about why they're so scary without any mention of gore. Otherwise...I think I need to expand a bit. XD
    The other being the music choices the authors would put up were questionable, if you know what I mean. Seriously, if you link me to Linkin Park because you think it fits your scene, I judge you a little.


    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
    Um...hello~ Just wanted to pop in and say "hi", since I haven't done that and because I'm way too shy for my own good. I was actually wondering something. You mentioned something about not being interested in mainstream horror films in your reply to me in The Leaf Green Incident. I was curious about one thing: which horror films do you like?

    I'm sorry if this VM is unnecessary or bothersome. Just wanted to say "hi" is all, and I figured that this was as good a way to introduce myself as any.
    We didn't meet on any other site, I don't think. My most common screen name is of course, Steelrush, and the thing I like doing the most is writing stories (fanfics, and original fics). It's also the career path I'm planning on taking. I also like playing video games (Halo, Pokemon, Sonic, Zelda, Soul Caliber, mech-warrior style games, and things of the sort), making custom levels for the first Halo game, exercising (feels awesome), going to the beach whenever its warm enough, making artwork in photoshop, and a few other things.

    I came over to Serebii because of a friend of mine wanted another co-author's help, along with someone to have wi-fi battles with and trading.
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