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JX Valentine

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  • true i dont get to until a year from now.

    anyways, I did this oneshot that was kinda stupid but scary enough, i can see the main character doing something like this. I want to know if i protrayed Ariana smugly enough. I think I got smug down but not sure lol
    XD It was really the only other thing I could've done to wish someone a happy birthday (and everyone has to love Emperor's New Groove or there will be consequences). It looks like images got disabled or something. But yeah. You're welcome!
    Happy Birthmas!

    I did draw you a present, but it isn't really finished and I'm not really sure if I like it or not. Gonna have to work on it a little more. Try to enjoy yourself more than I did on my birthday, because I did very little and it wasn't exactly special or anything.
    Kay. Hmm...Now that my loss of am important battle set basically meant i have no real reason left to be in the clans, more attention shall be focused at my art and fics. So, I hope I dont have to worry about clan business much anymore.
    Heh, don't worry about taking a while to respond. I haven't really been on lately either.

    I agree about the pointlessness of the Rocket disguise. Was it just because they didn't want to bother with a in-battle backsprite for the costume or something? Seriously, it didn't add much beyond some changed dialogue that didn't even cover everyone you could talk to.

    I'm just glad I didn't seem too weird bringing it up. It really was mainly due to your fic that I even bothered to check to see if Bill's dialogue changed. I hadn't thought much about the programmers or other side characters until I got into reading fanfiction. Now I want to do something with one of the Day Siblings.
    oh no, I'm not really a fan of " ____'s long lost son/daughter" etc etc. If I wanted to give canon characters children, then it would be at an age where they are READY to have kids, like maybe 15/20 yrs later. But as of now with maybe the exception of Archer/Ariana, the characters here shouldn't be having children right now (especially you, Proton :p ) Yeah granted, I gave Pluto a granchild etc

    I also gave Ariana a mom, a really overprotective one so I have alot of creativity there.
    Oh, okay. (I do think that characters who act dumb are kinda cute though but yeah) I'll maybe forgo on that one and besides I'm working on something else.

    Oh and can I be able to work a magic parasol in the Pokemon world? And can I give characters parents or relatives if they are not shown to have any in the games? Some characters live on their own but some characters I gave them parents.
    oh thanks lol. I've gotten some positive ones so far but yeah lol

    I was asking because Im writing this fic about Chargestone Cave and Team Galactic Commander and Team Rocket grunt (I had this idea in the ideas section for which you commented on it) and I'm not feeling so confident as I write it because in the mist of the story, when Jupiter meets this guy, she acts giddy around him as an implication that she likes him. I didn't know if I should legitimately have her not know how to use the HM given to her or just have her say that so that she can get attention, only to be called out by someone else. (the guy doesn't know how to use the HM either)
    will you be able to read it sometime?

    oh and can someone act dumb around a person they like?
    Oh. I dont know but the shipping fic i do have... people actually like it for some reason and I tried to keep Proton in character. I've made him clench someone's neck in my recent chapter.
    That said do I keep this is mind when writing a shipping fic featuring her? I was writing this one-shot that had to do with my main story she was in. She reunited with Archer and they were in a relationship before. She tells him that she's afraid now of rejoining the team because of Proton and Petrel and he says that he'd wring their necks if they ever disobeyed/disrespected her (since she'd get her old rank back if she rejoined).
    Okay, I see. How about if someone is happy to see someone, would they kinda cry as well? Especially if it's someone you havent seen in two years and you are suprised that they remember you?

    If Ariana wont cry or talk submissive to Proton? What would she do? Like, would she act the same as I had her act towards Petrel? He was the nice one...
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