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JX Valentine

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  • it's that they don't remember her, yet they remember each other. So it makes her feel upset because she wants to rejoin the team but has to deal with people who don't like her.

    Also, I don't think she'd have the guts to punch someone like Proton lol
    I didn't want to be a bother... beside, my first post was super near the top >_> <_<

    I also find it oddly hilarious that you said 'you silly thing'. Dunno why, but it just tickled me xD
    Just poking you to inform you that I edited my post on the E-Books thread to include a download link etc. A freshly edited Skogsra is now E-Book viable.

    I probably did something wrong, but hopefully I haven't xD
    Great idea about the e-reader fanfics! I already downloaded a few. I wish Ysavvryl would make Clichestorm into one of these!
    oh. and im not one for slash shipping buut I do see Ariana being a mother figure to Mars... somewhat
    Hey, Jax. I was replaying Soul Silver and got to the point where you infiltrate Team Rocket (for all of 5 seconds) in a Rocket uniform and decided I was going to go around Goldenrod and see how people reacted to me-as-a-Rocket . . .

    and discovered that while the dialogue for the characters in the department store and Pokemon center changes, no one in Bill's house says anything different. He and his family either don't notice or don't care that a person dressed as a Rocket just entered their home (or even that the city's been taken over, apparently).

    And I probably would never have noticed this detail if it weren't for your fic pointing out how often Team Rocket has had an opportunity to use Bill's brain for their own devices or cripple the storage system and never acted on it. Now I can laugh even harder at Bill's nonplussed reaction to me in a Rocket costume. Yay, random me rambling to you about Bill!
    I figured you didn't need any, especially since a lot of young people have (self)published stories before. But yeah, the aid helps wonders. Probably gets your foot in the big guy's door more, if they get you.

    Interesting. Pretty ironic when you think about it.

    XD I shouldn't have friends on forums either (I tend to get more crazy on the web than in real life, I'm actually pretty shy), but what can you do. It's the only other way to contact the vast outside world outside of pen pals.
    XD I can only imagine.

    Wow, that was a serious joke, but that's pretty funny xD. Then again, don't writers have to have some form of English education (or whatever for the other languages xD, derp)? Then again, judging from a lot of books published in recent years...

    xD What.
    xD You're so witty.

    I thought so. I honestly thought it was weird for someone in Great Britain to be an English major. Europe is full of aristocrats. *SHOT*
    Well, at least the American side for me (though you might be American yourself, from what I've gathered from your LJ). xD

    Yup. I'm going to try and write a little bit before I go to bed, if the music and overall exhaustion doesn't put me to sleep first.
    I have no idea. I thought about it, but your awesomeness intimidated me xD.

    (That sounds awesome. The rest of my day is loads better now. Screw school work, it's invasion time!)
    I see/ Yeah i was gnerally asking how to do it good in general so thanks lol

    also can friendships count as shipping? i like seeingredshipping but as a OS ship or like a friendship thingy (to adoivd readers thinking im like homo)
    (tho I was shipping him with the female grunt from the game) i wrote it to where he wanted o get to know her better after seeing her on TV. that's how he rejoined the team. he's still prone to anger hence him snapping at his best friend and other people.
    not even to his love intrest? I've played the game many times but never caught the violent part.
    so they have no excuse to forget her?

    Also I want to ask, when doing my shipping fic, just *how* cruel am I supposed to make Proton? I made him angry a couple of times but yeah. Can you see if I need to do more?
    They don;t take her seriously because they don't like her, well somewhat. In the story I wrote about the mystery girl, when she went up to Petrel, he had *no* clue who she was or how she knows him. And this was about 2/3 years after they disbanded. Proton doesn't remember her either, in fact the only people these two remember is each other (and Proton remembers the girl in my sig that is now his girlfriend here). So yeah they don't remember her but when she rejoined the team, it seemed to them as if she was getting the higher position because Archer is her boyfriend. So that made them really upset. So that's why they don't take her seriously.
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