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JX Valentine

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  • Since I like VMs, I'll reply here instead of replying at PC. Better late than ever, I suppose.

    Taylor Swift deserves the respect she gets. Her songs are actually reasonably catchy; she has a way of using specific images which cling to your brain. Of course, if we're picking contemporary female singers, I prefer Alanis Morisette or Regina Spektor. Sara Bareilles also has some interesting songs (better than Love Song).

    Have you read PJO or Artemis Fowl, by any chance? I've recently become addicted to those series. The deft mix of urban fantasy and pungent (haha, get it?) humour has become a latest "thing". xP
    I DO want you to help me, my problem is that I get too defensive and assume things. It's something I have to work on.

    I dont want to be sexist or anti gay. Or anything like it. I really and truley do not want to be. I was just surprised by the things everyone was saying.
    Just read that chapter of AEM that you posted; Princess Emopants really does fit the current Lanette xD
    Also I already knew Hope was his sister somehow but I can't remember what from - something you said or wrote one time? Previous version of AEM, maybe?
    I didn't think this was long enough to post as an actual review, so here have a VM. :p
    I honestly had no idea your birthday was on the 16th until LJ sent me a notification. I found this fact cool so I just had to give you a greeting. :D Thanks too~
    I will keep writing, but when I get a fanfiction account, I'll be more active about it! Wanna know why I can't? I'M NOT OLD ENOUGH! =( I really wanna get one.
    Hey I saw your name and I was wondering, are you the same JX Valentine as on Pokecommunity? Cause I'm juniebug!
    Well, thank you, but I don't think I did anything special. I merely pointed out what I felt was the obvious. =)

    I'm glad that I was helpful, though. I was more than happy to assist. Your arguments weren't getting through to her, and I was all "D8".
    Well a chapter for me is typically 10-13 pages size 12 font single space. So when I post them online I usually post 2-3,000 words at a time and not the whole chap at once. I haven't written anyhing for here though...I has no PKMN fanfics and I tend to write a bit more dark than what might be expected here
    You write a "Holy wall of text, Batman!" too? Ha ha eh that's a phrase coined where I come from due to me writing a lot. Ironically that is the biggest complaint I get. Come on....it's only 3,000 words a post and that ain't a full chapter
    Yep, I started planning chapter 3(or 2, if psychic says that its a good idea to fuse the first two chapters) already. ANyways, you have been a very very great help. I cant thank you enough.
    Yeah, I know it has kinda become unfixable without completly rewriting it, I realized that a while ago. That probablly was not the best example. But what I meant is that they dont HAVE to OWN only a certain type, just use that certain type in their gym. The charecter is based off of my, so I had some of my favorite pokemon. I understand I did it too fast, and didnt think much about anything and rushed in.
    What I meant by owning other pokemon was not using them in Gym battles, but still having them, all the same. Imagine a gym leader named Joe. Joe is a water type leader. He uses a Gyarados and a Tentacruel in his gym. Neither of these pokemon can fly, and he needs one to fly him around, so he can get to the local strip club. So he catches a Pidgeotto and trains it into a Pidgeot, out of peverted will. Because he is a Water Type Gym Leader, he does not use said Pidgeot for battles, but for flying to the strip club. I know, it is a wierd example.
    Well, I see your point. If you look at Chapter 2, I made some revisions based on your critiques. I put a new ending to it, too, noting it was not just a few hours, and that nurse joy was forced to keep me out.
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