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Recent content by JX Valentine

  1. JX Valentine

    Electric Sheep

    ~Important Author's Note~: So, good news, bad news, and ugly news, folks. Good News: I've completed editing, and the Nuz forums and AO3 versions are at last caught up with the FFN version! That means that from here on out, all content that gets posted for Electric Sheep will be completely...
  2. JX Valentine

    Electric Sheep

    Ikr? Poor Geist. Stuck babysitting the teenageriest of teenagers. Ikr? Forreal, the good stuff starts happening around Castelia, lbr. *high five!* Also, I know this was probably not a Scott Pilgrim reference, but tbqh, I’m just reminded of Scott Pilgrim, ngl. 8D Well, more like Jax held...
  3. JX Valentine

    Electric Sheep

    Woo! Splitting this up into chunks! 8D Cue image of Melissa with a train of durant trailing after her. :D Nah, but forreal, I feel like this is something Melissa would 100% be okay with. Active art installation. It’s a metaphor for capitalism becoming overrun with the anger of the populace or...
  4. JX Valentine

    (Yuletide, T) Top Billing

    Hokay, so first off, I am so jazzed by the fact that you tackled (and succeeded to tackle!) so many prompts at once. 8D At first, I wasn't sure how the magical girl part in Processing tied into the rest of the story, but hearing about Lydia's trial during her interview suddenly made sense. And...
  5. JX Valentine

    Loot From Labyrinth/Dungeon Poké

    This is ... a bit too ultra-specific for a discussion. The question here seems to be more about your fic/headcanon than something that can be applied to others’ works. If you’d like advice on a thing you’re doing, that’d be fine, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what you’re asking either. In...
  6. JX Valentine

    Fan Fiction Reviewers' Leaderboard

    Slightly delayed time! Excellent job, everyone! Despite NaNo and shenanigans, you were able to make November a pretty awesome month. In fact, let's get to those scores! The top scores for November 2017 are: 3rd place: Cutlerine (34 points) 2nd place: JX Valentine (47 points) 1st...
  7. JX Valentine

    Serebii Fan Fiction: The Discord Server!

    Note from the creator of this particular server: Please note that sending unsolicited advertisements to newbies for this server is still considered advertisement, regardless of whether or not this is an official server. (Yours truly doesn't consider it as such because she's well aware of how...
  8. JX Valentine

    As a note, the other visitor message you've received today is incorrect. There's nothing wrong...

    As a note, the other visitor message you've received today is incorrect. There's nothing wrong with posting your work as a PDF. It's just if you post a link to FFN and so forth. So as a heads up. b)'')b
  9. JX Valentine

    Fan Fiction Reviewers' Leaderboard

    Not quite done with the month; just posting this here to catch up with the leaderboard records. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?660015-The-Drabble-Flashfic-and-Poetry-Thread!&p=18497456#post18497456 (2 installments) +2...
  10. JX Valentine

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light [COMPLETE]

    Chapter 14: OFF TO A GREAT START, I SEE. Rounding out the first scene, Shane has a bit of a point, albeit it’s a slightly misguided one. It’s all well and good that Team Captivate helped Radiance finish their mission, but what about the parasect? What would happen if someone needed more...
  11. JX Valentine

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light [COMPLETE]

    Welp! This is gonna be different from my norm, but I figure since you’ve done an awesome job at reviewing others, I’d give your style a crack. ;) also omg i have so much to catch up on And here we go! Prologue: There’s something nostalgic about starting off with the traditional PMD...
  12. JX Valentine

    Foul Play

    Fiiiinally sitting down to review this! Sorry it took so long! \o/ Chapter 1: Less than a page in, and I already feel for the guy. Iris, I have to admit, is very cute here. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of her because she does a lot of explaining here (defining what Alola is, telling...
  13. JX Valentine


    I have to say, this is probably one of your better openings, if not the best. On a technical level, all of the elements here are pretty much spot-on. At the risk of bringing up older works, a lot of the basic issues present in the first chapters of snowstorm or even Across the Delta and a lot of...
  14. JX Valentine

    The Authors’ Café Rules

    Unfortunately, yes, and that's all I'm at liberty to say. In response to that last part, though, these pages are likely not viewable to the public because the Wayback Machine doesn’t necessarily archive everything. But even then, I’m afraid I can’t honor a request to give folks a private copy...
  15. JX Valentine

    Dartmouth & Jollimore's Alolan Adventures

    Yanno, the first word that comes to mind when reading this prologue is charming. Right off the bat, Dartmouth and Jollimore have some interesting chemistry going on. They bounce off each other so well (like Jollimore responding to Dartmouth's sarcasm with patience and encouragement about their...