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Last Activity:
Sep 13, 2017
Feb 2, 2011
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IV Breeder

JynxMidnight was last seen:
Sep 13, 2017
    1. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      I've heard that you have Espurr with their Hidden Abilities. How many and which ones do you still have?
    2. Eeveemaster
      Hey it's ready. Do you want male or female?
    3. Eeveemaster
      Hey can you give me some time I'm breeding some Spinarak..
    4. Eeveemaster
      How about hidden ability Spinarak with some flawless stats?
    5. Eeveemaster
      Yes ma'am. What do you want in return?
    6. Eeveemaster
      Hi there,

      Do you happen to have hidden ability female Espurr left?
    7. Kall El
      Kall El
      Added you!
      3024 5678 5872
    8. mart00
      can u do 3 ivs? 31? i can do it for ur bagon, but takes time. same on my machop hp, atk and s.def 31, can?
    9. mart00
      hi i wanna be friends with u coz im also iv breeder, can u breed me a 31 in atk and def machop? no guard? i cn breed u 31 in atk and speed dratinis and bagons
    10. D Dog Master Of War
      D Dog Master Of War
      you got a cool name.nice name
    11. AromaFlora
    12. 10151993
      hey jynx sorry i got a drafini so the deal is off ok?
    13. 0430Steve
      wondering if i can get an eevee off you
    14. SoJaded
      You're very welcome, thank you too!
      Also about the Timid female snivy, is there any other event for it you'd like to trade?
      If you're interested I have a legit Shiny Kyurem, and legit shiny Female Volcarona as well
    15. crimsonphoenix2
      thank you for the trades!
    16. TTNH03
      do you still have a dw eevee with a modest nature?
      does it have the dream world ability.

      if you do what pokemon do you want to trade me with
    17. SoJaded
      Mine's 2193 7007 6220
    18. SoJaded
      Awesome! ^ ^
      I've been trying to get a timid female snivy, but I haven't had any luck with the gender nor nature. :/ To this point though it doesn't even have to be female. Awh lol
      when would you be free for the eevee trade though? ^ ^
    19. SoJaded
      Sure ^ ^
      Do you happen to have any of the other Dream World Eevee evolutions?
      I see that you IV breed, do you breed natures too? o:
    20. SoJaded
      I have the Toys R Us event Axew, Pansage, and Pidove.
      Both Japanese & US wifi event Victini, Adamant & Gentle natured for the Japanese and Modest for the US wifi event. Ash's Pikachu, WISHMKR Jirachi, VGC10 Adaptability Shiny Eevee. Dream World Event Glaceon & Espeon. Both of which I have proof of. I also have dream world Flareon but I misplaced the proof for that one however I can get in game proof for it though.
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    Breeding Several Pokemon with Perfect Stats!
    Current pokemon on the list are;
    Bold Eevee w/ Wish
    Timid Houndour
    Modest Fennekin w/ Magician (will breed for Timid upon request)
    Timid Espurr w/ Own Tempo
    Timid Charmander
    Bold Spritzee w/ Wish
    Timid Helioptile
    Timid Noibat
    Adamant Hawlucha
    Careful Super Sized Pumpkaboo
    Calm Amaura
    PM me if you're interested in a trade! Looking for other IV bred pokes, but I'll consider anything​

    Y FC: 1005-9711-1411
    Black 2 FC: 2409-3576-7074
    White FC: 4169-3815-7698​