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  • I'm kinda new to the whole IV/EV scene.
    & I've been trying to get a female modest eevee for the longest.
    I don't exactly have much to offer just yet. :/
    But are you looking for any events?
    Thanks for the trade. Bold Eevee works out great too, I just couldn't remember the nature when I pmed you!
    hello there my friend =D how are you today on this saturday? =D im trying to breed a shiny Eevee from DW ( with his ability of course....mine is a female for my luck lol ) so, i liked on bw version cuz the daycare path is much bigger than the platinum version......what means much more steps on it. MM for sure is my best option
    so, resumed, if you breed a pokemon with flawless parents, you can have a 80% of have the majority of the IVs 31 right? if isnt all, at last will be in a great number. and MM is great. but to have a Japanese Ditto is too hard =( and btw, i will try to breed a Jolly Salamance with Dragon Rush .---. and i wish that one day we can battle on wifi =D
    mmmmmm im also a eevee lover and i have all DW eevolutions XD RNG on bw is too complicated so i just gaved up ( totaly ) so i will stay with RE, SR ( useless cuz i already have all legendaries and pokemons that can be caught by ENCOUNTER ) and MM .-.
    i'll breed you a copy of exeggcute and charmander with good iv's if your happy with that?

    btw would a adamant natured charmander be ok? as i got a nearly flawless adamant ditto
    Bidoof and exeggcute would be great =D but looking for IVd jolly charmander w/ dragon dance if by chance you have one
    My DW Pokemon (all female except Nidoran M):

    Pidgey + Nidoran M + Nidoran F + Zubat + Oddish + Bellsprout + Ponyta + Farfetch’d + Exeggcute + Lickitung + Tangela + Kangaskhan + Legyba + Igglybuff + Mareep + Sunkern + Yanma + Murkrow + Poochyena + Lotad + Taillow + Wingull + Staravia + Bidoof + Shinx


    what IV'd Pokemon you looking for?
    What do you want for these DW eevee?

    Eevee, Careful UT Male 26/31/20/31/22/31
    Eevee, Bold UT Male 4/1/31/31/20/31
    alright I am in. Oh and this is EV trained in sp attack, and speed. It has pokerus. Sorry it took so long, I had to ev train it for you.
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