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  • Would you be willing to take part in the next tournament that we start though? The first one has just been started and cannot be joined now but it can next time =) there will always be prizes!
    Actually we already found a person to fill our last spot in the clan war. But if something happens to someone and they can't participate I will tell you and you will fill in.
    Would you be willing to be a part of a clan war we are planning with Team America? We need either a UU team or an OU team. Respond soon!
    I know ths probably doesent belong here but if anyone can help me with learning some moves I will offer a free Shiny UT Flawless Poke if they can help me. thx!
    Please post at BW official help not at the flawless section.
    well, ghetto houston is the english translation of greater houston so all I got is walmart yo. I might go buy some blisters/tins for the better promos (reshiram/zekrom, typlosion, emboar.) Hell, I might even get my folks to take me to friendswood, got an awesome toysrus there. I have a $100 bill moaning my name from my wallet, but I think its too early for me to be buying the boxes.
    Sorry I forgot I'm already getting a SF Articuno. Can I switch it for this?

    UT Lv. 70 Shiny Ho-oh sassy, Near flawless
    hey i have a hayley phone and a oblivia shaymin i kept when i cloned a while back from you just wondering if i could redistribute them
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