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Recent content by k6666

  1. k6666

    September 13th: PM2019 037 - I'm Back! Nice to See You, Alola!

    is this real ?? , i'm so excited kinda sad this only one episode :(
  2. k6666

    The Most Mistreated Ash's Companions

    Who do you think the most mistreated within by writer and poke-fans For me is Mallow , Tracey , Serena and Iris Mallow , the Writer gave her focus episode to late and so little , her league battle , even some fans didnt remember anything about her beside her death mother Which is sad tbh...
  3. k6666

    Do you care about companions “out shinning” Ash?

    Even though i dislike her arc due to her Pokemon and how the arc irrelevant due to nurse joy can single handle master mega without struggling like her I like this idea , she would be great on cast and also have great chemistry and interaction with Clemont while Serena can't even have good...
  4. k6666

    September 6th: PM2019 036 - Crawl Out of the Sand Tomb, Satoshi and Go!

    jeez ,just because the series doesnt go to the way you want to be, doest mean its bashing series like whaaaaaaatt , ash got all the battle in PJ so far , got much more popular pokemon who can oneshot perfected Mega, if this series happen after DP i think many will cant believe what just satoshi...
  5. k6666

    Are You Disapointed With All The Focus On Go Lately?

    nope , not really, i mean ash already got pretty much 7 region screen time
  6. k6666

    September 6th: PM2019 036 - Crawl Out of the Sand Tomb, Satoshi and Go!

    well at least there progress on go goal , now he can he not just throwing pokeball but use some strategy to beat a strong pokemon from throwing bunch pokeball to get dewgong to get help form ash to get gollurn now he tried to battle and use startegy to get flygon
  7. k6666

    Favorite Ash-Free Animation?

    Chronicles still the best , i'm sad that show being canceled
  8. k6666

    Pokemon that you want to see more in the spotlight?

    sobble please , after his catching nothing interesting happened to him at the moment
  9. k6666

    Who do you guys think was the strongest companion?

    for males is Brock > Kiawe > Clemont = CIlan > Tracey > Goh ( for now , need to see more battle from him ) for females is between Misty and Iris ( if she can handle dragonite she could be the strongest ) > May > Dawn > Lana > Lillie = Serena > Mallow
  10. k6666

    Do you care about companions “out shinning” Ash?

    how can she not deserve it when she need work her a*s up tame the dragon , even when under her control he didn't win a single battle how can you say that power full , if i compare how the way iris and ash get dragonite , i prefered iris cause she need work with it and still struggle with it...
  11. k6666

    August 30th: PM2019 035 - I Got Pikachu!!

    Same can be said to other character fan , is it a good reason to hate some fictional characters just because silly catchphrases? Or call some fictional characters psychopaths just because he catches starter, I think a lot fan will get the criticism if it’s valid not just pure bias hatred
  12. k6666

    Feebas' Prism Scale! (1120)

    I really like the episode, it make me warm up to Chloe , hope next episode make me warm up to Goh So I'm my Poin of view feebas evolution in this episode is kinda combine the 2 method from the game rising his beauty (well in this episode nami want feebas to shine i think it's kinda count) and...
  13. k6666

    August 9th: PM2019 032 - Celebi: A Timeless Promise

    I think some user overreacting here and can't be greatful that almost all battle in this series, ash the one who did it the most while goh still didn't get his first win yet for one Vs One battle , ash catch bunch popular Pokemon but Goh got only 2 starter and bunch of randomness, you guys...
  14. k6666

    The Reluctant Pikachu and the Exasperated Mr. Mime (1119)

    Yes, i annoyed as well when i see that scene , pikachu jealousy is justified
  15. k6666

    Serena never finishing a battle

    let's be honest , character goal with lack of pokemon battle is boring , because the main selling for pokemon is pokemon battle itself , look how Serena , Alolan Girls and Goh goals go , it really hurt their character imo , i wish the don tournament is main series thing not just A BW thing ...