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  • Um, that is great. You "think" you know me. However, decent people? Get real, f@gg0t. Pokemon = fail. Most of these guys irl are sad fat h0m0s.
    Hi, I noticed your posts in the Hacked Pokemon thread. I am also against the usage of hacking devices. It might seem like we're some of the lone supporters of legitimate play but anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and that most people here are between 12-15 so there will be rude, sarcastic, posts and very little actual debating.
    You bassists and your funk.

    I'm in a new band currently, but we don't have any recordings now since I just joined. I took over as lead guitarist for their old player so I have pretty big shoes to fill, lol. They listen to a lot of metalcore, though, so I've had to change my style a lot. I'm normally a thrash/progressive metal player so I'm use to faster, longer riffs. But I make do.

    You should give me your myspace so you could check us out. 8D
    It was a typo.

    I aced all 4 years of english in high school. I'm not some punk (lol) that doesn't know how to correctly apply and use grammar/etc.

    So, anywho, do you have a band right now?
    No problem. ^_^

    But yes, it is kind of a shame. I never enjoy hearing such depressing stories, even ones not particularly close to me. >_<;
    Why were the towers demolished, do you know?
    Hehe as much as I love Umbreon I think an Espeon would be more important to get first as it has more attack strength then you'd need the defensive power of Umbreon.
    Oh! I just had a thought. It'd be neat to follow XD and start with an Eevee, you could evolve it into whatever form you wanted.
    If they tried to pull that off it'd have to be on the Wii or on their next console lol. And i'd like the idea of different gen starters but with the fact you can catch the starters from every gen in the wild too like they did for yellow.
    lol I knew i'd still be playing pokemon at 20. I think i'll still play it especially when they make the super game with all the generations in 1!
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