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  • lol I knew i'd still be playing pokemon at 20. I think i'll still play it especially when they make the super game with all the generations in 1!
    Sounds like good stuff. My band's link is the picture in my sig. I listen to metal but play punk.
    I'm mostly into metal. There's a metal discussion in Misc. where I mentioned alot of my favorite bands. Bassists are rare. It seems like nowadays 'bassist' is a short way of saying 'guitar player who couldn't find a band.'
    Want to join my Pokemon Clan?


    We will be getting a new and proper URL soon.

    Try and get as many people to register if you can..



    Lol yeah, Pokemon is really easy.. they seem to have gotten easier with each generation aswell :(

    Coz of all those little kid gamers and Nintendo's 'Anyone Can Play Games' approach to things now.
    me and you are now palz :)

    ive been playing guitar for aaaaaaages now.

    People on the forums tend to get annoyed easily, they need to lighten up a bit XD

    So.. to break the ice, what games do you like (vague question, respond however you like) :p

    See you around,

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